My Journal - Week 48 (22Jul10)

Introducing two new pages on my blog!

I have put together and added two brand new pages onto my blog.  The first one is called "Down syndrome - The Diagnosis".  This is a fully packed resource of information for families who just learned that their baby has Down syndrome.  Because so many questions and concerns run through your mind when you are first given this news, and often parents are stuck not knowing what to do next.  I have complied a long list of questions and answers on this page.  I hope that if you find yourself reading this resource, you will find the information that you were looking for.

The second page I have added is called "Do you have questions about Down syndrome?  Click here to ask".  When all the information in the world is not enough to answer a question that you have, you can ask it here.  On this page, I hope to be able to provide people with some unbiased factual pieces of information.  If I can't find the answer, I will direct you to where I think it can be obtained.

I hope that you will pass on these two pages as reference if you know someone who could benefit from them.  If you have any concerns about any of the information that I have provided, please message me directly.

You can access the pages at any time by clicking on the title of the pages which can be located immediately under my "Welcome to Our House" banner.  They will always be available there, along with all my other pages.  So, keep watching that area, more pages may be published soon!

Additionally, if ever you are trying to find something in my blog that you would like to see again, you can use the Google search bar feature located just above the beginning of the most recent post.  When you type in what you are looking for, (providing that the word you are using is in the blog or post you are looking for) the search tool will list all the blogs that contain the word you typed in.  This tool has been in my blog since it's inception, but I don't know if everyone was aware of it's existence or it's use.

I have also changed the look of my background as I mentioned in my last post I would be working on.  I am still investigating the reason why I was informed that I was loosing my original one.  I have yet to receive an answer from the providers of my background, but in any case I will ensure I have a pleasing looking blog for my readers to see..  (Which is why I have since changed providers).


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