My Journal - Week 48 (20Jul10)


After receiving a very touching email last night from a member on one of the websites I volunteer with (MedHelp) I decided to create a special page for me to post these personal messages.  I used to post these messages I received on occasion right here in my daily posts, but I decided late last night that these special messages deserved a special page of their own that everyone could read whenever they wished.  When I receive messages like the one I just did, it hits a special place in my heart.  It's not about the kudos, it's not about the self gratification - even if it does make me feel great.  It's about the realization that I have reached someone, educated and even inspired.  I have always said, it is my goal to teach, educate and promote awareness.  It is nice to be able to see the fruits of my labours even if those labours are ones out of love.  It is also important to me to give these people the recognition they deserve for making the connection, understanding and realizing what I did when I had Hunter.

I invite you to visit my new page called: 
Sandi'sWall for Special Recognition
Click the title or visit the link here:  or navigate to the "Welcome to Our House" banner and see just underneath the title for various added pages including this new one. 

The page is not just for messages to me, but also messages I have sent to others.  I certainly hope that I can continue to add messages to this page, because ultimately it means the more messages I get to post, the more people I have reached and possibly educated.  If I have changed your perspective, or touched you in some way, please feel free to send me an email directly at  I would love to post your message.  Even if you have a story about how Down syndrome changed your life, please tell me about it and I can post your short story.  I also hope to use some of these entries for my book, "Welcome to Our House".


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