My Journal - Week 45 (01Jul10)

Happy Canada Day!

It's one of the first times that Hunter has seen fireworks and actually enjoyed it!  Because our house backs onto a conservation area, many families put on fireworks back there for special occasions like tonight - Canada Day.  While the fireworks were loud, Hunter enjoyed them, smiling and watching the fancy colours shoot up into the air.  During the firework display, Hunter decided that he would eat a treat or two, his Gerber Wobbly Wheels.  Hunter is very capable of "self feeding" but rarely likes to demonstrate that he can do it by himself.  Tonight, I was able to catch him in the moment of feeding himself.  I tried to get a few pictures, but he ate the darn thing so fast  I could only manage to get one shot. 

[Quick Mommy, better take the picture - I am almost finished!]

I had a few other pictures that I forgot to add in from our trip to Sudbury on Monday.  While not the greatest trip, (since it was not for pleasure) I had taken a few quick shots of Hunter.

[(Waking up in Sudbury)] 
[I don't want to be here, I miss my new car seat!]

[Oh okay, it's not that bad... but can we go back home now?]

[Do you know what I am doing? I am eating Mommy's muffin!]

[Nahh those aren't crumbs on my chin, it's just your imagination!]

[Mommy, stop taking pictures and give me some more muffin!]

[Thank goodness, I get to sleep on the way home....]

Mommy note:
A tiny memorial to our lost angel who we named "Taylor".  A little note I wrote to our "angel" that will go into a memorial box I put together for Taylor.  It reads:

Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven? – Eric Clapton

You were made out of love, you will always be remembered the same way. You are our tiny angel, your brothers guardian angel and protector and will always be in our hearts.

We lost you before having the chance to meet you and hold you in our arms. But we will always hold onto the love we have for you.

Mommy & Daddy want you to know,
We miss you so very much, each and every day,
our tiny angel – Taylor Graham McWade

And to our Taylor I dedicate this song:

And one last picture that was important for me to add:

[My Mommy loves me very much, and I love her and her necklace!]


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