My Journal - Week 19 (26Dec09)

Today marks Hunter's 19th week.  And it's the day after his very first Christmas.  I know he doesn't really understand what all the fuss is about, but he knew it was a big day.  Christmas morning we opened all our stockings, and Santa brought Hunter a few goodies.

[Hunter opening his stocking]

Next we tackled opening our presents, and Hunter actually helped open his own gifts!

[Hunter helping to open his own gift]

Hunter was so lucky to receive all the wonderful things he did, and here you can see him enjoying one of his new stuffed animals. 
[Wow, this is neat!]
And also his first musical instrument, guaranteed to drive mommy & daddy crazy!  (Go figure, we bought it....)
[Hunter playing a few notes]

Later in the afternoon we cleaned up a bit more as we were expecting family over for Christmas dinner, but Hunter took the opportunity to catch a little "reindeer" nap!
And after a scrumptious turkey diner that the whole family enjoyed, we opened our party crackers and wore our Christmas Crowns.  Hunter stole mine because green matched his outfit better than mine....
[Party cracker king!]

All in all the night was fantastic and Hunter was not shy with anyone.  He even went into the arms of someone he had never met before without fussing.  He did suffer with some gas near the end of the night, but nothing a bit of gripe water didn't eventually fix.  (10 minutes later....)
I was honestly afraid that Hunter would not sleep last night, but I am guessing all the stimulation tuckered him out.  He went down at 1:30 am and slept until 7:45 am.  Now me on the other hand, I went to bed at 4:00 am and didn't really exit my bed until 7:00 pm.  (Of course I was up at 7:45 am to feed and change Hunter, but we all promptly went back to sleep.)  I was able to catch a bit of a needed sleep during the rest of the day, and Grandma took up the slack, letting me get some much needed rest.  I feel great now that I was able to get some "real" uninterrupted sleep.
And so it goes, yesterday we closed another chapter to this story - Hunter's first Christmas.  It was wonderful and memorable.  And he made it so sweet for all of us.  Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful things given to Hunter on his first Christmas.


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