My Journal - Week 18 (20Dec09)

Hunter's "Brushfield Eyes"

Yes, these are Hunter's Brushfield Spots.  If you look closely at his irises, you will notice the white spots that surround his pupil.  These are known as Brushfield Spots, a typical Down Syndrome marker in several Down Syndrome babies.  Sometimes these spots show up in other childrens eyes who do not have Down Syndrome, but it does occur in 35-78% of infants born with Down Syndrome.  It is more likely to show up in lighter coloured irises, and in caucasian children, and less likely in Asian children.  So, I think that Hunter is very lucky to have these beautiful little spots, since it is rarer to happen in darker eyes or Asian babies.  So, for all those people out there who keep telling me that Hunter will "outgrow" his blue/grey eyes, and that they will turn brown, the statistics say that if he has these lovely spots, he will more than likely keep his beautiful coloured eyes.  I hope that the stats are right, and that Hunter keeps his georgeous eyes, because like the rest of him, they are so unique and distinctive. 

Please enjoy his eyes, as we do - they are a spectacular feature.  And when you look into his eyes, he gives you gigantic smiles of appreciation for wanting to spend a few moments looking right at him and paying him all the attention in the world.


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