My Journal - Week 15 (08Dec09)

Today Hunter saw the Osteopath (Kay) for a possible problem called Torticollis (Bending/positioning of the neck in a certain directon only) Turns out Hunter does not have Torticollis, but a strong preference for the right caused by a lock-up in his trunk area. She performed myofacial-release on Hunter's back. Where oh where did that beautiful neck go? Well, with Kay's help, we found it! Now Hunter can move much more freely, and with out being locked up. It will take some sessions, much like Chiropractics, Osteopathy is on the homeopathic line but it is very helpful (I am not really a fan of homeopathics/naturopathics). Also as a result, Hunter let 4 baby-farts rip and subsquently ended his 6 day pooing strike. We will see Kay next Tuesday for another treatment.


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