My Journal - Week 18 (21Dec09) Evening

What a hard workout for Hunter.  Although a little disappointing (we found yet another "problem area" in Hunter's core/trunk) we are determined to work hard to help Hunter strengthen these muscles.  Hunter is getting severely locked up which is causing him to crunch over to the right, almost looks like he has a really bad case of scoliosis.  Kay worked him out for a long time, and once again was able to release a record 8 baby farts!  And is it any wonder why Hunter had been suffering with gas?  We will obviously have some more appointments to adjust Hunter's kinks.

On a warmer, cuter note, I just wanted to post a couple of pictures of what it would look like to be loved unconditionally by your baby. 

[Mommy, come closer!]

[Closer Mommy!]

[Okay, I kiss you!]

Here, Daddy caught Hunter "grabbing" my face and pulling at it for a kiss.  So what's a mom to do?  Comply of course!


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