My Journal - Week 18 (24Dec09)

It's only a word...


So then, why am I so offended?  I had been meaning to post this journal entry quite some time ago, but every time I thought about it, I found a few reasons why I shouldn't and then later, even a few more why I should.  It never dawned on me before Hunter just how much and how many people say it.  To give some people credit, or rather, the benefit of the doubt - they, most of the time, don't realize they are even saying it and worse yet, exactly how offensive it truly is.  It's not actually the word that causes me so much grief, but the context in which people are using it - derogatorily.  "Gawd - he's so retarded!"  or  better yet, "I am such a retard".  I personally have always hated the term, and I can't help but notice just how it strikes a chord with me.  And it's not specifically because I feel that I am protecting Hunter in some way, (even if possibly I may inadvertently be doing so) but don't we all know some one who suffers with/from a disability of any kind?  Have we not outgrown the necessity to belittle people much less ourselves at the cost of others?  What upsets me most is that I find more adults guilty of this "bad habit" then children - and honestly, I would actually expect that I wouldn't have to explain this to an adult much less a child (who in all actuality probably doesn't perceive the negativity of it in the way that we do), and has likely picked it up from - you guessed it, an adult.

Maybe I am too sensitive, and maybe I am not sensitive enough.  But one thing is for certain, I am now sure I wont put up with people using the term derogatorily and I vow to at least not remain silent about it.

(Please vote on the poll regarding "retarded" - stats for my book)

And for those who believe it's just a word, why not use the more appropriate and less derogatory term, "Mentally challenged".  See link:


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