My Journal - Week 17 (15 Dec09)

Happy 4 months to you Hunter.  Now, isn't that something - we are week 17, (yes I missed a week of posting) but you are actually 4 months old.  We saw Kay again today (Osteopath) and she is happy with Hunter's movement.  He is less "stuck" but still needs some more work!  She is a god send.  Hunter is so smiley these days (to those he knows), and the weird thing is - he has only met Kay for the second time today.  He trusts her, and smiles and talks to her like he's known her all his little life!  It must be true what they say, babies just know who mothers and grandmothers are.  It's all in the hold.

Speaking of speaking....  Hunter thinks he has the worlds largest volcabulary.  Uhh Uhh Uhh, ahh, ahh, ahh.  Baa baa baa, Laa, laa and as of late, he also thinks he is Chinese.  The newest words are: "Aiyaaa, and Hiyaaa"  I read something online that said babies in the womb know their origins by 6 months because they hear and are acusotmed to the sound of the accents.  So what does it mean when Hunter is counting like the Count on Sesame Street?  Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhhhh!  (Use your imagination)

Also, Hunter had his 4 month doctor visit yesterday.  While not the greatest day (had 2 vacinations) owww, he braved it like a champ.  Only about 2 minutes of tears, and a mostly fussy evening - he was great.  Hunter now officially weighs 12lbs 12ozs, is 25 inches long with a 17 cm head circumference.  According to the doctor, Hunter is "in range" for height and weight.  He is also really holding up his head while on his tummy.  No more short periods of holding it up.  He is now holding his head up strong and high.  Great work Hunter!  And thank god for Jenn & Kay.  E.I. does work, so long as you actually do what they recommend.


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