My Journal - Week 15 (06Dec09)

Today we spent most of the day in bed. And the strangest thing happened... after feeding Hunter, I put him on my chest for some tummy time, and he spit up on me! Wow, that's a first! Only a table spoon size, but he did it none the less.... I guess I can't brag any longer that he has never spit up on me. Oh well, guess it had to happen some time! I will vow to not put him through tummy time just after he has eaten.... Lesson learned.

Also, just a side note, since giving Hunter cereal, for the past 3 days (none today though) he has not pooped. It has been a total of 5 days since he has last gone. I think we will hold off on the cereal for now, until I can get him to poop. Constipated poor baby I think.


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