My Journal - Week 18 (21Dec09)

Alright, so I am an official dummy.  Many of you have heard me complain that Hunter is or was taking longer and longer to get down for his bedtime.  It used to start promptly at midnight, every night, like clock work.  You could have set your watch by Hunter's bedtime.  Then, somehow, (and slowly) he started to have his last nursing session at midnight, and that too became a "scheduled event".  And eventually, bedtime became anytime after midnight, and sometime before 3 am.... How in the world did this happen?  Okay, so I am mostly to blame for these late night "owling" sessions... and poor Hunter, none the wiser, just thought that he was doing mommy a favour by staying up with me???  So last night I had a daring inspiration - seeing as how we have a E.I. appointment early this morning (and that is something most of you know don't work well with me - the word "early" and "Sandi" are not even nearly synonymous) at 8:30 am, which means getting up at 7:00 am.... As usual, Hunter was in no mood to fall asleep on his own at or near midnight.  Quite chatty, I figured, we would start this evening off a bit different.  No more morning baths.  This should be an evening event, why else would they have named a baby wash "baby bedtime" etc. 

[Hunter in the bath - nice hair!]

This would be the "prep" for making Hunter all relaxed and ready for possible sleepy time.  And, if no luck there, next would be baby cereal at 10:30 ish.  Goal?  Fill up belly and make baby even more sleepy....  And for the grand finale, the newest and last step - why not just put him into his crib, turn off the lights, close the door and actually use the really expensive baby monitor with the "night time vision"???  Are you kidding me?  This actually works?  No sooner than I had put him down, did he promptly go - to - sleep.  And sleep he stayed until I woke him up at 7 am.  I am beside myself.  And I am also sitting here thinking up additional words to call myself....  On the flip side, I am wondering if this is all a big fluke, and in the real world it doesn't ever happen like this... and subsequently I am not an idiot for thinking that it would never really work.... I will venture to try it again tonight.  Just like an experiment with a thesis - create idea, attempt, try again to confirm and report.

Anyway, I just couldn't even wait to tell you all about it, I even set up a reminder to type this one down in the Blog!  (Didn't want to forget this special occasion by any means.)  In addition I will have to report back on the tag team duo Jenn and Kay for Hunter's E.I. appointment later on today.  By the way, Hunter is still asleep (beside me on the couch) - yes well, get all the sleep you can bubby, it's going to be a workout in less than 45 minutes!


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