My Journal - Week 24 (30Jan10)

I thought to myself, I must be going mad.

Yesterday I posted that Hunter had cut his first tooth... and he had - I have three additional witnesses.  Now, I explained in my last post that I had noticed it approximately two weeks ago, and there was an additional reason why I didn't post that I had seen the tooth.  It was because it disappeared.  Yes, you read right, Hunter's tooth that I had seen and felt two weeks ago disappeared and I could not see or feel it again until yesterday.  I thought that perhaps I just wasn't looking hard enough because it was barely noticeable and Hunter was not really in the mood for me to poke and prod around in his mouth.  But sure enough today I went in for a look, and once again - I swear on life itself, the tooth has disappeared again.  Now, this time I know there was a tooth there because it was hard, pointy and white as snow against pink gums.  And more importantly, I have family back-up.  Being the typical investigator that I am, I set out to figure this phenomenon out.  I personally figured that his gums had swelled up over the protruding point.  (I am relieved to know that this is the case by the way.)

So for interest sake, I am providing this link (Let's talk about teething) for anyone who would like to know more about this phenomenon.

I guess that the picture I was going to take will have to wait!  Come back tooth!  I have also, (and conveniently) added a new poll about baby teeth.  Please vote!


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