My Journal - Week 21 (12Jan10)

Okay seriously, these Milestone things - is there no stopping once they start?  Talk about rapid fire.  Last night we were playing with Hunter, daddy took him for a moment so I could get something to eat, and lo and behold Hunter said, "ah mum".  Okay - this time we both heard it, and laughed.  So, once again, practical me - I just thought he was babbling away and the word just happened to come out that way.  Until today - right now.  "Mum! Mumma, Mummm"  So, now I am going crazy researching on the internet, 'when did your baby say his/her first word' and I was flabbergasted when I read that some babies were saying "momma" at three months old.  I didn't believe that was possible, until I read some more.  Now, three months is considered unusual and very early.  The norm seemed to be around five to eight months.  Well, Hunter will be five months in three days.  I know that he isn't making a connection to what he is saying and what it means (well, at least I don't believe he is making that connection, but perhaps I should be giving him the benefit of the doubt?) So, when he says it, I tell him "very good, yes Mumm is here".  Whatever this situation is, I am confused as to whether or not I should be considering this his first word.  Should a first word be just that, whatever the word spoken is, or should it be a word that the baby understands or is actually a word other than "Mumma" or "Dada"?  I think I will go with option number one.  Yay for Hunter!

Oh, and on the waving front, Hunter is still proving to anyone who will wave 'bye-bye' to him that he can do it back.  This morning, Grandma was leaving so I told her to say "goodbye" to Hunter and to wave, so she did, and like clockwork, Hunter waved back!  Good boy Hunter!  Making Momma proud!

I tell you, he is one smart baby.  Keep going Hunter, we are here to help you every step of the way!  I have posted a new poll for people to vote regarding first words - please vote!


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