My Journal - Week 21 (11Jan10)

Today I wanted to post just how crazy Hunter's hair is.  Yes, this child's hair grows like a weed.  Just like Daddy's.  I have to cut this baby's hair at least once a week or he starts to look like a shaggy dog!  And if you think that I am exaggerating, I am not.  Because his hair is so thick and has curls at the end (just like Daddy's) I have to keep triming it so that he doesn't start growing girly curls.  I don't mind cutting, and frankly it apears that Hunter doesn't mind either, he's used to it.  Obviously Hunter likes his hair cut, he is full of smiles when it's done.  Perhaps that's because I am no longer asking him to hold still, and I am not fussing with his head.  Oh well, as deluded as I am, I have a very handsome looking baby when his hair is done.  Picture perfect.  I think I should become a baby hair stylist!  (Some more delusional thinking....)

[Oh, I am so handsome!]

[Yaaa!  Do you like my hair?]

[Thank goodness, Mommy is done cutting... again....]

Today we discovered Gerber Peas are not on the top of Hunter's favourites.  Carrots are still number one, squash and peas run a close 2nd to each other, but Dairy Queen Blizzards are still his long time favourite.  Gas issues are slowly becoming less and less, he seems to only suffer once a week or so with gas pains.  (That's a relief - no pun intended.)


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