My Journal - Week 24 (30Jan10)

I forgot to add one other thing from the last post....

I finally got a publisher for my first children's book - "Charlie's Adventure".  It is now being illustrated, and should be ready (printed) within one to two months.  In fact, I have written a second book, one specifically for children and families with Down syndrome in their lives.  It is called: "I have Down syndrome, what does that mean?".  It will be also published by the same publisher.  I am working on a third book (my publisher is giving me a two for one deal with this next book so I have to work my tail off to get my third one done) and it too is a children's book.  (Thank goodness I already have the idea and plot for the third one.)  I have this all going on while I am concurrently working on and writing "Welcome to Our House".  Because I am frantically writing, I have been putting my YMCA Early Years Centre program on the back burner, but I will get to that shortly. 

I am happy and proud to say, I am now officially an Author.

I will let you all know when it is released, and I will provide links to the big book store sites that you can order it from, until it is available physically in those same big book stores.  Thank you to all of you who supported me, critiqued the writing and helped me get my work out there.  I will never forget your help.


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