My Journal - Week 24 (30Jan10)

And yet another milestone!  This must be the month for them.  Hunter has officially cut his first tooth.  Yep, believe it or not, he has a baby tooth, or should I say molar...? (Yeah, it's not a top or bottom tooth, its his first molar and it's pointy!)  I discovered that it was coming out about two weeks ago, but it was just under the surface and I didn't think it would break out so soon.  Many babies with Down syndrome can have teeth come in irregular positions and they can also be pointy.  But whatever position they come in, they usually come later (sometimes just like their walking or talking skills).  I hope this is like a sign of the future, milestones coming as they should, and not too delayed, but even if they are, it matters not to me.

What I am surprised most by is that Hunter is not cranky because of it.  He is drooling, but not overly so, and he isn't feverish, well except for a minor one a few days ago which I thought was from a cold that we both had, but maybe it was from the tooth?

Again I have to say, Hunter is one tough cookie.  He is a good baby, and he proves this each and every day.  I will post a picture of the tooth, (at some point) when and if I can get a shot of it!


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