My Journal - Week 44 (21Jun10)

The hairs on Daddy's Chinny chin chin....

Now, I claim that all of Hunter's videos are just so cute, but this was absolutely amazing... Look at his concentration!  Talk about learning and discovery!  I guess when you see that Mommy doesn't have any of these funny looking and feeling hairs on her chin, he has got to be wondering, why does Daddy?!!

I love that Hunter is in this phase of exploration and discovery.  Everything is so fascinating and new.  Do you ever think to yourself, I wish everything in my life seemed so wonderful and new!  How exciting life would be if we could all think this way and laugh with such anticipation when we discovered something new!  I guess I have learned yet another lesson from my son.  Remembering that everything is neat and wonderful, despite already seeing it so many times!


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