My Journal - Week 44 (20Jun10)

The grass isn't always greener on the other side....

For Father's Day today, we decided to go to Rotary Park for a fun filled day of sunshine, amusement and food.  It was a great afternoon, and plenty of fun for everyone.  When we got home, we were not only filled with fun and food, but also the "sunshine".  We definitely all needed a bath.  In my infinite wisdom, I figured I could take Hunter into the shower.  A one stop clean up shop.  He loves bathes so why not try the shower?  Well, thinking to my self, we have used the shower massager in the spare bedroom bathroom while Hunter was in the tub on a previous occasion, it shouldn't be too much different - right?  Wrong.  What I failed to realize was that there is an echo in a shower stall....  I suppose if I had of showered him in a regular bathtub shower, he would have been fine.  Once we got into the shower stall, he was just fine for about the first few minutes.  After that, I think the echo in the shower stall scared him.  The tears stared and I had to create an Olympic event of washing and rinsing the baby.  Not fun I tell you.  I called for Daddy to grab Hunter after he was washed and rinsed, and take him out and dry him off.  Once outside of the shower stall, he was a happy guy all over again.  But when Daddy brought him back to see me inside the shower, in the wisdom of thinking, "See?  Mommy's okay in there...." a big pout and quivering bottom lip started all over again.  It took a few minutes of reassurance that Mommy was just fine in there.  The "echo monster" wasn't going to get us.

Back to baby tub for baths - at least for now.

On the Publishing front....
My next book, "I Have Down syndrome, What Does That Mean?" has been submitted to the publisher and is in the production stage.  I am so very happy that this book will be available very soon.  I am told, once the layouts are approved and my proof is approved by me, the printing time should be about three weeks.  How wonderful is that?  I anticipate my book's expected date of release by the end of July.
I will be posting an update in my Sandi's Publications page with the description and summary of this book.  When it is further along, I will be posting the site that it will be available to order from.  If anyone is interested in the meantime and would like to order the book, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  My contact information can be found through Blogger here under my profile, or you can email me directly at:


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