My Journal - Week 43 (18Jun10)

Pictures of progress!!!!

Since Hunter is eating all types and kinds of foods, today I figured I would try and give him some real fruit.  We had bought some strawberries and since I know that Hunter loves all the different types of Organic baby food fruits, I figured a real strawberry should be fun!  And also knowing Hunter now has a total of five teeth, it wouldn't or shouldn't be hard for him to try and bite this soft piece of fruit!

Here is a few photos of Hunter eating his fruit and loving it!

 [Wow!  What is this weird tasting thing?]

 [Well, this isn't bad at all!  In fact I think I like it!]

 [Hummm, What exactly is this thing I am eating?]

 [Ahhh.... You're teasing me!  I like this - what do you call it again?]

 [Yummy, Ummmm Good!  Do you want to have some?]

And one additional picture that was a must have to add in - that had absolutely nothing to do with eating food....

 [Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... X2]
A rare moment caught on camera.  Grandma was trying to get Hunter to sleep for his afternoon nap, but ended up falling asleep "with" him instead!  How cute is this?

Almost forgot to add the day's pictures of Hunter getting his hair cut professionally (for Uncle Andrew's wedding coming up on the 10th July 2010).  The hair stylist couldn't stop gushing over how happy, patient and good Hunter was with getting his hair cut and clipped!  Here are the four pictures I took with my cellular phone.  I just couldn't resist!  What a handsome baby boy!

[Hummm, this usually happens at home....]

[Did I mention how good I look in this shiny blue car?]

[OMG!  This thing's got a huge steering wheel... can I drive it home?]

[I want that steering wheel!]
  [Why can't I reach it?  Never mind, I look good don't I!?]

Well, that was worth the wait for some new pictures!  And of course, now that his hair is done, he looks OH SO SWEET again!  No more stray curly-q hairs (as the hair stylist says!)!!
Hope you enjoyed these!  Always more to come!


  1. Sandi I just wanted to say that Hunter is absolutely adorable! Oh, and since I read your about me info I just thought I would note that I'm a police dispatcher. :D

  2. Loving Hunter and your tattoos. My daughter is a tattoo artist. Check out my blog,

  3. Ok now those pics are just too cute! Just want to take him home, love his smiles!


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