My Journal - Week 43 (15Jun10)

Happy 10th Month Hunter!!

Wow, is time ever flying by.  There are moments I look back at all the pictures I have taken and I sigh.  Not because I am unhappy, but because I can't believe where all the time has gone.  Hunter is literally growing up, right before our eyes.  He's doing so much and doing it so well, I couldn't ask for more.  He has surpassed any expectations I may have had, (though we always said we would not put expectations onto Hunter, we would let things happen as they came) and because of that, he has never ceased to amaze me.  I am so proud of this little boy, and I know every mom is proud of their children, but you have to understand, there is an extra level of profoundness and comfort when we look into Hunter's eyes.  Just Saturday, I had three separate people beg me to steal Hunter - if even for a moment!  Each and every day that Hunter is out with me, he makes people coo and smile, and want to kiss every inch of his sweet little face.  I kid you not, he is a genuinely happy baby, who smiles to even the angriest person, - who you know is having a troubling day.  It's like it is some special challenge to him to make people smile again.  It's simply amazing what this child can do to/for people.  I know because I am proof, whenever I am upset, this happy little boy - my little boy, can instantly put a smile on my face and make all my troubles seem to disappear.  He is what I call, "Hunter Therapy" - and it's so very good for me!
Someone once said to me, having a child is the best thing in life you'll ever do.  They were so very right, because when someone asks me, "What's your greatest accomplishment?", I tell them, Hunter is my greatest accomplishment.  He has changed my life, for the better, made me a better person and I know it.  I think for those who are around him, he has changed them also, for the better.

So I can never gloat enough about him, but I will leave some room for a couple of videos we took today.  These were just off hand videos we decided to take, and I tell you, I just know he's going to be one of those kids who always makes you laugh.  Watch and see....

"What goes up, must come down!"  These day's Hunter is pulling himself up to a standing position, and he's certainly having fun doing it!  He has been standing up for a while now, probably more than a few months, but lately he wants you to keep your hands at his side so he can use them to pull himself up!  And it's so much fun to go back down right after!  (He's not tired, this is his new game!)

"I'm an inch worm, watch me go!"  Hunter has been on the verge of crawling (forward) for a while now!  He has demonstrated many times he can go backward, and also his new thing is while up on all fours, he will literally launch himself forward (by rocking and forcing his body forward by throwing himself), just to get where he wants to go - especially if it's just out of reach....  In doing this we have discovered that Twiggy (the cat and his personal guardian) is quite the encouraging item to tempt him to crawl - forward!

I hope these two videos gave you the same laugh or smile it did for us!  I know we can't wait for the next important or funny thing to video!


  1. Your right about Hunter radiating goodness. Your videos are special too. Your cat is so patient. I'm wondering if you play music and story cds for him. Our son loved Raffi, Anne Murray and all sorts of story tapes (now cds). Many are available at the library. Not sure how online works for this stuff. I know the repetition of playing them at bedtime or nap time helped our son because later in life he could recite them. He also later became very fond of MJ and knows all the lyrics to his songs. I've never been able to do that!!


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