My Journal - Week 42 (10Jun10)

One small step for Man, one giant leap for HUNTER....

Yesterday Hunter had his monthly Early Intervention therapy with Jenn.  I have to say, what a wonderful time we had.  Hunter never ceases to amaze me (and Jenn) when she comes.  Would you believe, (we have been helping clap Hunter's hands together for a while now, just for fun) that as soon as she came he decided to clap his hands for her by himself??  The reason this amazes me is because he has never done this yet!  And sure enough, as we have noticed, he loves to show off for Jenn, without prompting.  Up on all fours, trying to crawl for her!  He puts things in his bucket and shows her how independent he is.  Once again, I am floored!
She has pointed out to me yet again that Hunter is definitely in the typical range of development and she is not even using the Ds charts for him.  I am very happy that he is working so hard and it's paying off.  He is such a determined baby, and you can see if something isn't happening for him that he gets frustrated because he wants so badly to do it - like crawl forward (instead of only backward!)  We are working on using his hips to take independent steps.  He may be a bit locked up, because he thinks his hips are one unit!!  On a side note, we have been noticing that Hunter is certainly aware of object permanence, he is very weary if I disappear for a few seconds.  He makes it very obvious that he is displeased if I put him in his Einstein Exersaucer and go to the washroom or kitchen - he yells "Momma!".  I should have realized that it was coming, since he has been searching under the carpets for things (like the floor?!?) lately!

On the teeth front, would you believe Hunter has now five teeth?  Where in the world are these teeth coming from??  Three on top and two on the bottom.... It's quite amazing since I didn't have any till nearly a year old.

On a publishing note:
My book for children with Down syndrome is nearly ready to send off to the publisher.  (Finally).  I have finally received all the illustrations and cover design.  Since I had such a problem with my last publisher, I am changing publishers to a Canadian one, simply to ease pricing.  I will definitely put out a post when this new book, "I have Down syndrome, what does that mean?" will be ready.  I am very excited about this!

Regarding my Forum's on MedHelp:
I have been recently made a Community Leader for the Genetics Community Forum.  I have been the Community Leader for the Down syndrome Community for some time now but I find that many women visit the Genetics forum before the Ds forum, simply because many women are in the prenatal testing stages, and have lots of questions.  I am so very happy to be able to provide answers and assistance.


  1. Can you give the week of the Feb. link to the Family Guy clip.? Your Feb.21 didn't work cause there isn't a Feb.21. I'm so glad Hunter is doing so very well!! How about you? You sound positive.That's good. Have you seen the posts of my Buddy??ChezKleinsteMotte will take you there.


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