My Journal - Week 53 (23Aug10)

How many teeth do you think I have now???

Since I discovered Hunter's first tooth, I made it a point to bush, every night.  Because of the nightly brushing, I know right away when new teeth come in.  It has been a long time since I posted anything about his teeth, and I often forget to update people on the newer teeth.

About a week ago I realized Hunter sprouted two new teeth.  But they definitely were not the ones you would expect to see at this stage.  Originally, Hunter first sprouted his bottom two front teeth, then next his top two.  After that, he grew the top one on the right next to his front two.  For a long while it remained at five teeth, until last week when I noticed that he had sprouted the two new ones I just mentioned.  The two newest teeth that came in are his upper molars!  Now, I do know that for babies and toddlers with Down syndrome, teeth can come in - in any order, smaller sizes and crazy sharp or jagged shapes.  Hunter's bottom teeth were definitely more pointier then what you would call usual, yet his top front teeth look completely typical.  At this point, I can't really tell what the molars are going to look like, but they are definitely sharp.  Now, having seen that new discovery a week ago, and brushing his teeth tonight, I just discovered another new tooth!  Finally the left tooth next to the front top two has come in.  Wow!  Hunter now has a total of eight teeth.  The funny thing is, six of the eight are on top, leaving only the two front teeth left for the bottom!  No wonder he can chomp on all kinds of foods (and my fingers) so well!  I hope they will even out a bit, maybe add a few newer ones to the bottom?

Maybe soon I can get a picture of his new teeth... but I can't make any promises!  Every time I open his mouth, he expects me to brush his teeth, so if I do get a nice picture, it will probably consist of teeth brushing! 

Parent/Child Support-Play group update:
I promised an update regarding the Parent/child support-playgroup that I am creating with the YMCA Early Years Centre.  I have an upcoming meeting this Thursday (26 Aug) to finalize details for the fall program.  The group will run out of the Pickering YMCA Early Years location.  I thought to post, if anyone out there is interesting in joining our group, but has any questions that they would like us to talk about during our meeting this Thursday, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment post.  We will be talking about frequency of the group meets, the objective of the group, the services that will be provided, and any potential training for the staff at the YMCA.


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