My Journal - Week 50 (04Aug10)


Wow, this week has been super busy.  I have been nose deep with working on this new website, my book, and Forums.  I finally made a request to my BBC Group friends to submit pictures and stories of their children with Down syndrome.  I have had a terrific response, and I hope that there will be more to come.

AND so with that in mind - for anyone out there, who are reading my blog and wish to participate in my request for photos and stories of Down syndrome & discovery, please please please contact me via the "Contact me" page, or email me directly at - I am looking for photos of babies, children, teens and adults with Down syndrome.  I am also looking for short stories of your journey's to add to my new website and also to my book, "Welcome to Our House".  I decided to add a final chapter to my book, (which is what this blog was started for) that will have short stories about other families journey's with or about their discovery about Down syndrome.  I am so thrilled and excited that so many people wish to be a part of this, and because of the response, I have been so busy and unable to post to my own blog!

Even though it would seem I have forgotten to keep people posted about Hunter, in the back ground I have been planning his birthday party like a mad woman.  After all, it is his very first birthday coming in 11 days!  And as far as Hunter is concerned, he has been up to his usual antics, the newest and most latest discovery is pointing.  Not only is he pointing, but he is pointing to noses!  We have been working hard to help Hunter with identifying parts of the body.  And he seems to be overly interested in "the nose"!  Both ours and his.  Just today I asked him to show Momma "nose" and he pointed right at my nose, touching it and smiling at me.  I was absolutely floored!  I asked him two more times, and he did it right on cue.  Grandma was watching us point to our noses, and so proud that Hunter did what he was asked.  What a smart boy.  Hunter is continuing to attempt to stand up and literally walk away... it would seem, the newest discovery since learning to stand up and also crawling, is that he should put the two together, and try to walk!  Unfortunately, Hunter's balance is not quite at the stage where he can take off and walk without Mommy holding his hands.  So for now, he is quite demanding, and is making it quite clear that he would like to stand up and walk holding onto Mommy's hands.  I guess it's only a matter of time.  Speaking of making it clear, Hunter's latest undesirable trick these days includes screaming to get attention... and I mean screaming.  Hunter is very good at ensuring that if you don't respond to him when he wants you to, he has resorted to yelling at the top of his lungs to make sure you pay attention to him.  Since no one likes yelling, we have been trying to get the message across that we don't respond to yelling, and it would seem that since Hunter is such an expressive boy, he now shows you when he is mad or upset by slapping his hands down onto his legs in displeasure, and grumbling while doing it.  It's very interesting to watch, and also try not to laugh when he does it, over and over.

Now, speaking of forgetting, I did however forget to post some pictures that were taken on Daddy and Mommy's wedding anniversary (Which we spent the earlier part of the day at a picnic in the park with Grandma's high school charity group.)  Since I forgot to post on that day, I will steal some air time here and post them here with some other seriously CUTE pictures of Mr. Hunter bunny.
A warning - I have a lot of picture to post....

Yay! It's my bath time, and this here is my rubber ducky ring!

Now this is my water cup and I fill it and then empty it!

Ohhh, don't I look like I am having a great time!

Yes, I know - I am just so cute.  I am trying to look shy - is it working?

Wassssup?!  Ya, beat that Gene Simmons!

You didn't just pour that on my head... Okay, you know - I will get you back...

See, here I am setting you up by making  myself look cute again!

Haha!  I am practising to get you back...  I can kick this water right out of the tub!

I will give you that cute look again, and you wont even know what hit you!

Ha!  Got you Daddy!  Now you are just as wet as I am!

And a round of applause goes to Hunter!  For deceptively wetting up Mommy & Daddy!

Look at me, I have got my Mommy wrapped around my little finger!

Mommy is asking me to point to her nose again...

If I show her, maybe she will stop asking me this silly question! Doesn't she know where it is?

Yep, that's me in the buff!  I think they call this my birthday suit!

I have such a cute bum!  And yes, I know it too!

My first picnic!  And I am not sure what to make of it!  Can we eat now?

Didn't anyone tell you I am too little for Blue Light?  Oh, I see, it's just water!

Grandpa Did I win that?  I must have won it because I am so cute!

Yep, those are my parents, they said something about an Anniversary!
Well, that is it for now for the photos!  Yes, I know - what do you mean that was it?  You mean a ton of them....  I had quite a few saved up.  I think it might be a bit before I load up that many at one time!  I hope you enjoyed them.


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