My Journal - Week 52 (20Aug10)

Look at me, I can wave at you!!

I wanted to share yet another milestone with everyone!  Our son is finally waving!!  We have been waving Hunter's arm and hand for as long as I can remember, but yesterday during bath time, Hunter looked at himself in the mirror and all on his own waved hello/goodbye to the baby in the mirror!  This was not a mistaken wave, it was definitely an appropriate real wave!  I thought to myself after the mirror wave, maybe it was a one time thing, but lo and behold, today Hunter spent the day waving at me and anyone who would pay attention to him and wave back!  And just as we would wave back to him, when we would start off with waving at him at another times, he would respond by waving back!  The cute thing is, since we would clap joyously for the waving, Hunter seems to have learned that along with waving comes clapping!!  What a smart cute cookie!

I took some videos of Hunter clapping, then waving, then a combination of the both!  Enjoy!




Isn't this great?!  I am glad that he is able to put these actions together with the words, and also that he knows exactly what to do when those words are said!  So much fun!


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