My Journal - Week 51 (12Aug10)

Who knows noeses better than Hunter knows?

First, I need to apologize for not posting as often as I normally do.  It has been a hectic week - I have been working like crazy trying to organize all the submissions for my book and website, plan for Hunter's birthday party and organize the construction for the monstrosity of a swing/play fort outside in our back yard (our birthday present to Hunter).  Not to mention, the most important task as always, taking care of a nearly 1 year old baby boy who is over actively exploring and learning so many things each day!

Today our Early Intervention superhero (and my friend) Jenn, came over for a check up visit on Hunter.  She has been having Hunter withdrawal since it appears Hunter doesn't need much "intervention"!  I love posting things like this because again, she and I spent our time catching up and going over all Hunter's accomplishments, and getting Hunter to show off for her.  Jenn makes my day (just as Hunter does by being so typical) with telling me, Hunter doesn't need any intervention!  He is developing typically, right on track with typical development.  She asked me if there was anything I felt that I would like her to go over or do, and honestly - since I know that Hunter is on track perfectly, there wasn't any thing I could ask of her.  I even showed Jenn how Hunter has learned body parts, most especially "the nose".  I told Hunter to show Jenn nose, and he pointed right at my nose.  (I do have to admit, we are having a bit of difficulty with Hunter pointing to his own nose, but I know it's only because Hunter can't see his own nose!  And a mirror lesson would probably help!)  Next Hunter sat on Jenn's lap and when I asked him to point to her nose, he diligently did.  That afternoon I introduced mouth, and now on command Hunter shows me "nose" and "mouth" properly and even if I mix them up, or randomly ask, he correctly points to the right one.  I can't help but be so proud.  I only taught him mouth in one afternoon, and he has been perfectly identifying the nose and the mouth.  Hunter is also very excited when it comes to walking, and we have been trying our best to accommodate his interest in this new method of locomotion.  He wants to do it all the time, but at the moment still needs help with balance.  While he can stand up holding onto the furniture, cruising the furniture is slowly coming along, and that is something that we are working on to help him gain confidence.  One thing that I noticed (ever since Hunter was tiny) is that Hunter can do everything he puts his mind to, but wont do it until he is absolutely sure he can do it.  He always is able to do things that we want him to do, but his own confidence sometimes stops him from trying things by himself.  So, since we know this we work around it and find ways to help him trust himself.
I have taken a few cute (yes, always cute) pictures of Hunter just being Hunter.  I hope you all enjoy these, because tomorrow, we will be having his birthday party and Lord only knows I will be taking a boat load of pictures and videos of this monumental event/milestone!

This is my E.I. Jenn.  I love her very much.  She helps me learn!
You want me to do what?  How about I show you my drum??!

I love cuddles, and with Jenn they are even better!
I love my chair mommy bought, it feels so nice and "touchably" soft!
I am loving this T.V. thingy.  (Don't you just love how I took over Mommy & Daddy's room?)
That's right, I watch The Steve Wilkos show with my Mommy in the afternoon.  I too am a fan!
I finally get to pet Mommy's other cat named Smudge.
Ohhhh, I know what you mean kitty, I love being patted too!
And one last thing, yes Hunter is a huge Steve Wilkos fan at under one year of age.  If you didn't believe it before, now you have picture proof.  I guess Hunter just knows good police officers when he sees them.  (Even if Steve Wilkos is retired!)
Stay tuned for first birthday pictures tomorrow!


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