My Journal - Week 39 (15May10)

Happy 9th month to Hunter!

Today (the 15th of May) marks Hunter's 9th month and also his 39th week!  I can't believe how time is litterally flying by and what seems like just yesterday is actually several months ago.

This past year was definitely the year for having babies for my family, friends and acquaintances.  This month my cousin's wife had their baby girl, Rosie.  In January my other cousin had her son Alexander.  John's cousin had  their 3rd son, Victor also in January I believe.  The year before was Sophia (my cousins daughter who is two months older than Hunter), Chase - born to my girlfriend from work, six weeks before Hunter.  And obviously Hunter in August.  Also our neighbour across the street had their second baby Kylie who was also born two months before Hunter was born.  Also, John's ex-wife and her boyfriend were just induced last night to have their new baby boy Darrien (a new half brother for my step kids) So, that is a total of eight babies in less than one years time that I know of.  Incredible if you ask me, and pretty wonderful for Hunter having all these babies to grow up and play with that will be his age!  It must be the next generation.

Bring on the babies.  And who knows, maybe I will be the first in our group of family, friends and acquaintances to have the first baby of 2011!  My official due date is 7th January, 2011.  What a great new years surprise!

I forgot to mention last Sunday - Happy belated Mother's Day to all the Mommy's out there and also a special mention for those Mom's who just celebrated their very first Mother's Day for the first time, just like me.


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