My Journal - Week 37 (06May10)

The Darn Diaper Dilemma....

Pampers or Huggies???   Size 2 or Size 3???  Daytime or Nighttime???

Does this happen to everyone?  From the beginning, Hunter was a Pampers baby.  They had always fit right, and nothing ever leaked.  Recently, as he has grown, nothing seems to fit right and everything leaks!  He is in between sizes and since he is a "light weight" (he is in the 10 percentile weight group for typical babies, but in the 97 percentile for baby boys with Down syndrome - 17.2 pounds and 28 inches long) and so as a result his legs are not as chubby as other babies and thus he sometimes leaks out through the leg cuffs of the diaper or at the front and top of the waist because he's a boy!  Oh the dilemma!
So, we recently discovered Huggies Little Movers while at the Baby show here in Toronto.  They gave us a couple of free samples to try.   They worked for about two days, then he leaked again (out the front and top).  They aren't as high waisted as Pampers.  If I use the Pampers, he leaks out the legs and if I use the Huggies he leaks out the top!  Arrrrgh!  When Hunter was born we used Swaddlers.  As he grew we switched to Pampers Baby Dry with 12 hour night time protection.  And then we moved into Pampers Cruisers, figuring they would be good in stopping the leaks!  Nope, all of them leaked except the Swaddlers.  This past Tuesday we discovered Pampers finally made a larger "Swadalers" size 3.  Before last week, they only made Swaddlers sizes 1, 2 and 1-2.  Now they make 2-3 and 3.  We bought size 2-3 since he seems to be in between sizes 2 and 3.  And so we reverted back to the old faithful Swaddlers which he never ever leaked out of.  We will be trying these tomorrow, but we can't use them for night time, since they don't absorb that much for that long.  And Hunter does now sleep 12 hours straight through the night.

HELP!  Has anyone else had this problem of leakage due to smaller legs or boyish leaks out the waist?  I am going nuts trying to think of what to do, since they don't make diapers for smaller legs at the weight and height he is (as well as the amount of liquid he drinks!)  I would welcome any ideas, if there is a solution I would love to know!  Hopefully the new bag of Pampers size 2-3 will do the trick, but it still wont solve our over night needs....  I just hope he grows into his other diapers!  We have a bunch of different tested out diapers which I guess will have to be used by baby number two, if we can't use them up with Hunter!


  1. We use huggies supremes and they are great but Lucas still leaks everywhere because he pees so much! We just try to change him more often. I would definitely go up a size. I don't know about night time, Lucas still wakes up at least twice!

  2. We use the new Pampers Swaddlers (so glad they make them bigger). Landon also sleeps through the night 11.5 - 12 hrs. and he has been fine with these new swaddlers. Landon is 15 months old and only weighs 16 lbs. He wears size 2's. We try not to give a a whole bottle to Landon before his bedtime (7pm). He eats dinner with us at 5:30 and gets a little bit of water and a small snack (sometimes puffs or yogurt melts) before bed. His diaper is not so full anymore. We also try to make sure his "little friend" is pointing down in the diaper when we fasten it. That definitely helped with him peeing out the top.

    Just a thought!!!!

  3. We added diapers liners to prevent leaks. They were very useful overnight.


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