My Journal - Week 66 (23Nov10)

More fantastic YMCA Play to Learn group photos!

Without harping too much about how well my play group is going, I wanted just to put out a quick post about what a wonderful Play Day we had because two dads were there to enjoy the group as well!

My YMCA Play to Learn for Kids with Special Needs is truly not only for Mom's and their kids but also for the entire family as can be seen here in these wonderful photos that Penny took for us all!  John was able to accompany Hunter and I to our Play Day this Tuesday, and Darwin (Penny's husband) is a regular who keeps his son Vaun motivated every step of the way!  Play to Learn is open to all family members and caregivers!  So please make sure if anyone wants to join that they know they are always welcome to do so!

Also a special note for those interested, the Durham Down syndrome Association is putting on their annual kids Christmas party for families of children with Down syndrome.  It will be held at the Whitby Rotary Park - Whitby Marina.  For each child attending, parents are asked to purchase a gift under $10.00 for Santa to give to the child.  The event is scheduled for 2-4pm on this Saturday 27th November 2010.   Any questions can be directed to the Durham Down syndrome Association at  Check the website for more specific details.

And now, here are the recent Play group photos:

Ohhh, I remember this place!  Lots of toys that I like and my Daddy is here with us!

My friend Taylor-Rose and I are playing again!  This time I am telling her about her shoe!

Taylor-Rose & I are having a great chat!  Every week we talk & talk but no one else understands us!

Taylor-Rose is laughing at my funny jokes!  My mommy says I am a funny little boy!

Last time she tried to pull me, so this time I am pulling her to come back!

These are my other friends Vaun, Hayden and Isabella!  We are all learning!

Vaun and Hayden are sharing some eggs!  They are working hard together!

See what my Mommy is holding?  That is the car I love to push around the whole room!

Vaun and Hayden are still working hard and Isabella is enjoying the music toys!

Vaun is working with his Daddy Darwin the other kids are watching Taylor-Rose's Mom!

Daddy is laughing at me and Taylor-Rose playing ball!  We are good at it though!

My EI Jenn is helping us all to learn!  I am going after the ball for us to play with!

Now that I got it back, I will play ball with Taylor-Rose again!  Everyone is cheering!

I am not really sure what my Mommy is showing my Daddy, but it's funny!

This is Vaun and his Mommy Penny!

Here I am playing with the beads!  Would you believe I have one at home that I don't play with?

Don't tell my Mommy that I actually like it.  She will want me to play with ours at home!


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