My Journal - Week 64 (12Nov10)

Update on our littlest developing bean....

Today I had yet another ultrasound, (just a reassurance and protocol when you have a high risk pregnancy) and once again walking in to the appointment, I was so very worried.  During these early weeks, my rate of loss has been high so when I have ultrasounds, (which should be an exciting time for any expecting mom) for me is always full of worry and fears.  I do have great news however and was able to get another sonogram photo.  Our littlest developing family member is continuing to grow properly and is developing right on track according to the technician.  This baby's heart rate is an outstanding 176 beats per minute which is very strong and nice.  There are tiny legs and arms developing which the technician kindly showed me during the ultrasound.  The growth is still a little ahead, dating at 8 weeks 1 day instead of 7 weeks 5 days, but that just continues to show that our baby is growing as it should.

So, while I am still waiting for some of the photos of Hunter from our Play Day at the YMCA, I am going to jump in here and post this newest ultrasound photo to share with you all.

Pregnancy Gestational Age 7 Weeks 5 Days

Now, I guess people are wondering if I think this baby is a boy or girl.  I will say this, each of my pregnancy symptoms of the 5 pregnancies that I have been though have all been different.  With Hunter, I had absolutely no morning sickness, only one day of nausea (that I can recall), some insomnia and fatigue combined, food aversions and felt absolutely fantastic health wise - the healthiest I had ever felt in my entire life.

My second pregnancy I had extreme fatigue, daily nausea and morning sickness which would actually wake me out of a dead sleep, and feeling of complete general un-wellness.  (An absolute total opposite to my first pregnancy).
The third and forth losses were too early to have many symptoms but I did have nausea for both.
This pregnancy, I have had (on and off) slight morning nausea (which only lasts a few moments at most), some fatigue, and fluish tiredness. 

As a result of these wacky symptoms I can't tell if I am having the general predictable old wives tales girl or boy.  Somehow with Hunter I knew I was having a boy.  I just knew.  People might not believe that I actually had those feelings so strongly that before we knew for sure, I purchased blue items such as his bath tub and clothes.   My feeling was so strong that I had no problems choosing colours directed to the gender before knowing for sure.  There was a special deal at Toys R Us, where you spend a specific amount and you could get a bath tub for $10 dollars and they had both Pink and Blue tubs.  My mother told me I couldn't choose yet, because I didn't even know what the sex was, but somehow I knew.  I told her I was taking the blue because this baby was definitely a boy.  Something said and pointed to having a boy.  The second pregnancy (to me), completely pointed to having a girl.  It just made sense to me since it was so polar opposite to the first, which made me then surmise that I was having a girl.  This time, I am at a loss.  I have heard all the old wives tales that suggest high heart rates are girls, heavy morning sickness are girls which I do not have (but while I know first hand that this is not true in all cases, despite there now being scientific proof that says if you have extreme sickness, its been proven that you will more likely have a girl).   I do notice one thing, I seem to actually have a craving (if you can call it a craving) for some spices or flavours or hot sauces that I usually don't have.... But otherwise I do not have any food cravings.

What do you all think this time around?  Do you care to wager a guess or your thoughts based upon my symptoms or lack of symptoms?  I am intrigued with what everyone thinks!  Post a comment below or vote in my new poll on the right side bar of the blog.

Personally if anyone is curious as to what we hope for, while most parents say they wish for one of each, I (and John) personally want another boy.  Perhaps for me, this wish is out of sheer convenience and also my tomboyish personality, but it would definitely allow us to save a bit, since we happen to have boy things.... BUT, having a healthy baby is my number one concern or wish since I have yet to have a typical pregnancy.  I am sure that Hunter would be happy to have a sibling no matter what the gender, and obviously we would be too.


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