My Journal - Week 63 (03Nov10)

National Down syndrome Awareness Week Nov 1st - 7th 2010

Starting this past Monday November 1st to November 7th is National Down syndrome Awareness Week.  This is a time where all people can advocate, educate and promote Down syndrome awareness.  Even The Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper has dedicated an entire full page advertisement for the Canadian Down syndrome Society to promote Down syndrome Awareness!

An entire page dedicated to Ds Awareness!

I even sent a message to the Globe and Mail requesting them to either publish one of my articles or to do a local story about our family.  It was a long shot and I have yet to hear back from them, but in all fairness I didn't give them a lot of time before this actual week.  So, perhaps at some point one of their many (15) personnel might contact me for a story in their paper.

Onto some other news for today, I had my first ultrasound for my pregnancy.  Because my pregnancy is so high risk, due to my own genetic mutation (MTHFR) and other health issues my Obstetrician decided to do a very early ultrasound to make sure everything is on track this time around.  While very excited to have this ultrasound, I was actually even more worried and nervous.  At this time before I had either lost the conception or had a fetal demise.  So, with all the past in my mind, staying positive and hoping for the best is a hard thing to do.  But somehow I managed to do so, along with my MIL who came with me to provide moral support.

After 32 ounces of water, and a very full bladder later, I had my ultrasound.  I literally held my breath, waiting for some news, any news that could and would be good.  The technician knew of my past history and was very understanding of my fears.  She immediately pointed out that she could see a heartbeat and then confirmed the beats per minute not once but twice to reassure me.  A healthy and strong 122 beats per minute was the number and I heaved out a huge sigh of relief.  I can't even begin to express the relief that washed over me in that moment, but it was like watching colour come back into a person who had been scared to the colour of death.  I am also so happy to report that even though the technician was not supposed to print me out a sonogram photo, she did anyway.  Something for us to keep and keep hope with.  Here is the photo of our littlest developing family member.

The tiny "bean" inside the dark circle is our fetus!
I know for most people who have not seen an ultrasound image, they are wondering what the heck they are looking at.  At this stage, our fetus is little over half an inch (0.6 inches) or about the size of a lentil.  Despite being such a tiny thing, the heart is already beating strongly and arms and legs buds are now developing and within a few days will be moving thanks to new muscle fibre connections being established!  How exciting!

Well, this is our first image of our "to be" new addition to the family.  I hope and pray that things go well this time around.  All the right medications, injections (yes daily injections in my tummy) and doctors are all lined up and being done.  So, everything that should be done is being done.  Now from here on in, it's all about hope and positivity.  I hope you all will hope and be positive for us too.

It's all about family and taking it one day at a time is all we can do.

Mommy and her boy.  Love Love Love.

Stay tuned!  More updates on the way.


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