My Journal - Week 63 (31Oct10)

Happy Halloween - Hope you had a boootiful night!

This was Hunter's second Halloween!  Last year we dressed up Hunter as a huge pumpkin... and he wasn't having any of it.  He definitely wasn't a very happy pumpkin.  This year however, Mr. Hunter was a happy little Monkey!  We dressed him up warmly and put him into his Monkey suit and he was all smiles!  Daddy did the honours of taking him around the neighbourhood this time since it was so cold out.  (I have the worst cold intolerance!)

Hunter definitely was the cutest Monkey out there (along with all the other scary Halloween creatures) and couldn't wait to get out there!

Here's the recap of the evening of Hunter's Halloween!

Mommy just got me ready to go!
Now Daddy and I are almost ready to go...

I am so happy for this Halloween!
Common Daddy!  Lets gooooo!
That's more like it!  We could go if Mommy stopped snapping pictures!
20 minutes later, Daddy brought me home!  It was very cold!  3 degrees Celsius... Brrrrr!
Look at me!!  I'm so cool!  Daddy was great to take me out!
Check me out!  I even have my mittens!
Now - you have to admit, this is a great shot of me!
Let go of my tail Daddy!  I want to see my candies that mommy wont let me eat!

This sweater I wore under my Monkey costume - it resembles Freddy Krueger, doesn't it?

2009 Halloween....
Not a happy Pumpkin!!
Hope you had a great Halloween too!


  1. Cute Hunter pictures. I guess Mom & Dad will be chomping on Hunter's candy loot!

  2. What a precious little guy. :) Thanks for your visit to my blog.


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