My Journal - Week 59 (05Oct10)


I would like to proudly present, "Welcome To Our House".  What's new about it?  "Welcome To Our House" (or WTOH for short) is now a registered Canadian business!  The name and logo's are now copyrighted by Canadian Intellectual Property Laws and will also be registered Trade Marks.

I would also like to inform everyone that since I have registered WTOH as a Canadian Business, I have taken it upon myself to also acquire a business phone number.  This number is not only for customers wishing to call regarding information about or purchasing items such as any one of my books or products such as the Down syndrome Awareness Magnet but to provide support and support information regarding Down syndrome or receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis.  The number is available to anyone and everyone, world wide to call. 

Welcome To Our House:   1-647-977-99DS (1-647-977-9937)

Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have a toll free number but if you reside anywhere in Canada or the United States you can email me at or and provide me your phone number and I will call you back directly.  Outside the USA and Canada can still call me at anytime.  I am working on getting a toll free number, but that may not happen right away.  If I am not available to answer, I do have a messaging system, so you can always leave me a message.

Something else of interest, (especially for those wondering with the upcoming conference coming soon) Welcome To Our House has a registered POS (Point of Sale) Credit, Debit card machine to accept credit or debit purchases.  This will make purchases easier for those who wish to pay by credit card or debit card while at the conference or any time after that to me - in person.

If anyone has any questions, any concerns or just needs support regarding Down syndrome, please call!  Please feel free to pass on this number to anyone you think may want or need it!


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