My Journal - Week 104 (27Aug11)

A note about our new business investment.

It's been a long couple of weeks but it is official.  I have officially become the proud owner of Dragon Ink Tattoos And Piercings Inc.  After I decided to purchase a business and draft up the proposal to purchase for an existing Tattoo Studio, I made the additional decision to open my own corporation for the sale rather than assume the existing name.  While it would have been a million times simpler to just take over the existing business, creating my own corporation name saves me the potential future issues that could have come along from the existing business name.  Purchasing a "Turn Key" business is all well and good if there are no known issues or there is plenty of proof to the established business.  In my case, even though it takes so much more to open a new corporation (and usually this is done by a lawyer or business designed to do this kind of work for a large fee) I did it on my own.  All the filing, all the "Articles of Incorporation", the actual legal paperwork for the "Proposal" and "Purchase of a Business or its Assets" etc.  It probably saved me a few thousand to do it on my own, but it takes night and day to do it right.   I did ensure that I had a lawyer review my work and make the proper Addendum's for the sale.

As of Thursday past (the 25th of August), I took possession of the location and opened the doors of the Tattoo studio as, "Dragon Ink Tattoos and Piercings Inc."

Since Thursday, it has been overwhelmingly busy and profitable so far.  This investment allows my family to be together as it allows me (the Owner) to control what happens there and I can manage it through John.

I maintain that my Studio will be more successful than most because the difference between my studio and many others, it is a family owned and run business, with family in mind.  Because Tattoos are now more of a modern expression of art rather than a mark of crime affiliation, I ensure that anyone can come in to my Studio and feel welcome.  My studio is bright, modern, fancy and beautiful.  There is not a single hint of "old school" grunge or dungeon.

It is to the future I look with this venture.  It is a place where I can have my children (hopefully) learn how to work in a retail environment to business administration and facility management.  Hopefully it is a success years from now and Hunter or Hayleigh will want to continue making it a profitable venture.

Here are some photos of my investment:

Signage people working on the FRONT OVERHEAD sign that I designed personally

Professional signage company (and also personal friend) helping to get sign up on first day

Front signage being hoisted up to its new and proper home

My personal design is looking good - nearly there... for ever.

Final touches and a few screws - the sign will be our first impression for everyone to see

My lobby.  Warm, inviting and classy for you to sit and view tattoo images

My front desk.  This is where John (now the Studio Manager) will greet you.

The tattooing studio.  Room for three prolific artists, the room is classy and upscale.

Chair #1, worked by Jeff LeBlanc - my current Master Artist.

Another view of the studio.  At night time, the studio is now dimmed before we shut down.

This is our Front "Private" Tattoo/Piercing room.  Set up perfectly for discrete work.

So much has been done in these last 2 weeks that I feel as if the days have been blurred from one into the other.  Let me just say, for the record - setting up a business (whether as an investment or to have run by yourself and your family) is a huge undertaking.  I have run several businesses in my 38 years of existence so it isn't a new tricky venture for me but it does take up much of my time.  Within the next few weeks or so, it will have all been worth it while I sit back and allow my hard work to make me lots of money... I hope!

And for no other reason but to advertise, if anyone at all is interested in getting any work done, from their baby's name written in script or maybe the hand or foot prints from birth to whatever they have wondered or wished to do - please don't hesitate to ask or be a stranger.  Call me and ask me any questions you have about tattoo work.  One thing I know my studio will eventually be known for is that it will be the "go to place"  to get your first tattoo or one of many.  Visit my website (currently a work in progress):

Visit us in Ajax at 282 Monarch Ave. 
Unit 22B, Ajax Ontario L1S 2G6

Or call the studio at: 905-231-2360

Tomorrow (Sunday 28 Aug - 12pm - 4pm) is the DDSA's (Durham Down syndrome Association) Family Picnic at WindReach Farms!!  Keep posted for the photos of a day we arranged to be filled with families and fun.  BBQ, Animals, hayrides, games, and more....
Visit for more information!  If you can, join us!  DDSA members are free to attend.  Non members can participate for $10/child & $4/adult. 


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