My Journal - Week 103 (15Aug11)


After two years, my little baby is now a full fledged official "toddler"!  Today is Hunter's 2nd birthday.  Yesterday (Sunday), we had his birthday party and party it was!  Unfortunately, things never seem to go as planned, schedules didn't get followed and but we had a fun great day nonetheless.  The activities I planned got left behind, and so some other day - play date - we will finish what I had set out to do on his special day.
I do blame myself for not being as organized as I usually am for such a special event.  While I had literally bought and planned the parties activities over a month ago, I recently undertook one of the biggest ventures of my life this past week.  I invested and bought a business.  After today, one of the most critical conditions was met and it seems that the "offer to purchase a business" will be nearly complete and I will "Own" the business I purchased.  The business I bought is an upscale four year existing tattoo studio.  While many may lift an eyebrow or be quite surprised, this enterprise is an extremely profitable one so long as you know the industry.  Being a police officer, I have the ability to keep this business a clean, family oriented store/studio, with rules and regulations adhered to.  Running a tattoo business isn't just about putting "ink" under someone's skin.  It's about proving a key service, ear piercing, body art and more.
Officially (at this moment) I do not tattoo, and I am learning that side of the business but I do have a entrepreneurial mind and have run several of my own businesses.  So, I will be able to put those same skills into ensuring that this store exceeds and succeeds. 

Anyway, as time moves along and the 1st of September approaches (the actual possession date) I am sure I will have much more to comment on.  For now, I have several photos and video to post of Hunter's birthday.

It's my birthday party!

This is one of my best buddies - Vaun.

This is one of my other buddies - Taylor Rose

I'm entertaining my friends!

Here are Vaun & Taylor Rose playing together!

My friends are all enjoying my play room!

My sister Hayleigh is enjoying a bottle with Uncle Oliver!

We are all in my new ball castle!!  Wow... incredible fun!

I didn't even know Mommy bought this fun thing for me!

Vaun is sliding down with his Daddy's help!

Taylor Rose is brave!  She climbs up by herself and slides down alone too!

Her little sister Brooke is just learning to slide!

Here I go!  I am such a big boy, this is my first time by myself!!

Here's my cake!  It's actually a cupcake cake!!!

I have a plastic fork to "cut" my cake!!

See, here I go... hands and fork in to the cake!!  Ewwww!

And my final photo before opening gifts, me eating my cake with my family!

Mommy and I read all my cards and I open my gifts!!

A scribble pad and paper from Aunty Melissa


Crayola Beginnings...

Washable (good thing) Crayola Markers... (for my Crayola Beginnings)

Peter Rabbit... (for me - Hunter Bunny)

Nursery Rhyme Picture Book...

And Peter Rabbit Book...

MORE Crayola Markers (different colours) and notice how I sign MORE!!

Animal Magnets from Aunty Jane... Humm - I love animals...

Sea Creatures Colouring Book...

Disney Cars Back Pack - for when I am ready to go to school, or carry my toys around!

Cool Rocker Clothing from Haedyn & Isabella!

Chuck Trucks Tonka Set!!

Something called Play-doh... I don't know what it is yet....

And something Mommy called Mr. Potato Head!?  She said it's an old toy?!

Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzle!

Bowling Pins?!  Again, someone said that Mommy knows all about Bowling!!

Nerf Dart Tag - Mommy said Daddy will play with it more!  Something about Cops & Robbers!
Thank you all so much for helping us to celebrate Hunter's very special day.  Being two is going to open a whole other world of excitement and challenge.  We can't wait to embrace it, every step of the way.


  1. Now you are venturing into the same business as my daughter. She opened her shop in February. Hope you can send each other clients. She is in the heart of the city at Dovercourt and Bloor. Where will your shop be? Heidi


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