My Journal - Week 96 (27Jun11)

What the next day brings....

Definitely different babies.  That's all I can say!  One of these good days I am sure I will look back and think to myself, I wonder why I ever thought that all my children would behave the same way or have very similar personalities.  Mr. Hunter and Miss Hayleigh are two worlds apart as far as personalities go.  Hunter was the most laid back little newborn.  Hayleigh is pretty strong willed and very demanding.  I laugh because it's like looking at John and myself.  John has always been laid back, and I have always been go go go (and on red alert).  It's not to say that Hunter isn't strong willed now, because he certainly is these days but way back when, he was so easy going!

Hunter.  Two steps forward, one step back.  When it seems that Hunter is getting a little comfortable with his emotions surrounding Hayleigh, we allow him more time directly with her.  When he tries to slap her or grab at her, we pull back the reins a bit.  Just today he decided to be sneaky, he hugged her, petted her head (ever so lovingly) petted her hand, only to lean in to put lips on her head and then try to take a bite while simultaneously grabbing her face with his left hand!  Thank goodness just last night I filed his nails....  Hayleigh made up her face (perhaps with complete displeasure) for just about one second then went back to her world of discovery and wonder.  Growing pains.  Completely expected, just tough to deal with.

In the meantime, since we were able to take a few shots yesterday (with a calmer Hunter) I have something to look at to remind me that sometime down the road, there will be calmer days ahead - or at least I hope so!

Here are the photos:

This is my new little sister, Hayleigh!

Ahhhh.  My mommy loves us both so much!

Humm, I wonder if she will bite my finger?

I wonder how long she's staying??

I guess it's going to be the four of us now!

It's okay mommy... I will try to help out - I'm just not ready yet!

Amazing.  Mommy still loves me no matter what!!  Mommy's know.


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