My Journal - Week 82 (23Mar11)

It's official:
I am now an Executive Board Director of the 
Durham Down syndrome Association!

After a wonderful meeting with the Durham Down syndrome Association this past Tuesday, it has been made official that I am now part of the DDSA executive and a board director.  I was very happy to get so involved with the association, as I feel I have many years of executive experience with past endeavours that I can contribute, and also a whole part of me which has dedicated the last two years to educating and supporting the Down syndrome community. 
Currently my responsibilities include being the Director of, "Resources", "Memberships" and the quarterly "Newsletter".  All of these responsibilities are right up my alley and I feel that I have much to offer in those areas.  It's very important for me as an educator and a supporter to be able to provide services and be of service to support the association and ultimately the Down syndrome community.  Every step that I take, every thing that I do, helps Hunter and everyone else who needs any sort of assistance or advocacy.  I take my role very seriously as it has been mentioned that I prepare for my future position to become Chair - and I would gladly accept that position should they want me as I aspire to do just that.  For now, I am completely thrilled to be able to help and also learn.

It is with taking these responsibilities and also knowing that an association such as this one which needs people, who are willing to go that extra mile; that I do exactly that.  This very association not too long ago, was in jeopardy of having to consider amalgamation because there were not enough people to help it to push forward and succeed.  Every organization needs new influxes of people, fresh insights and dedicated persons willing to step up, and help the association to become a positive resource for those families who want and need to have exactly that.  At the same time, the organization needs it's back bones - the original people who have the knowledge and skills that made it what it was then and allow it to grow.  Together, an obvious mix of strong volunteers will make a kind of difference that the people of Durham need it to be.

In being part of this association, I can definitely pass on information that we have which can assist and benefit anyone who reads my blog and also help to spread the word relating to other wonderful things such as seasonal Events or Fundraisers (which will be coordinated by the Director of Fund raising).
As an Example, some future/upcoming activities or events can include things like (but not limited to):
  • dances (Christmas)
  • parties, 
  • picnics (summer), 
  • bowling and sports, 
  • a Buddy walk, 
  • awareness activities (booths/information sessions/shows), 
  • and other group programs (Parent/Child Support & Playgroup YMCA)
  • Open general meetings (to find and meet other families)
As part of my duties, I am hoping to make connections and gain memberships from the many families here in Durham, Ontario.  Note: Memberships are not limited to the residents of Durham, anyone can be a member.  I personally am a member of four Down syndrome associations. It has been suggested that there may be some 200 plus families that have a child with Down syndrome whom we (as an association) have not yet reached.  I am hoping that I can seek out and find some (if not all) of these families and primarily provide resources and regular information that can help to better the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.
And of course, as an association - we are always looking for donations and would be happy and extremely honoured to receive any amount that a person is willing to give.  Any amount over $20.00 is automatically issued a donation receipt for income tax purposes since the DDSA is a registered charitable foundation.  PLEASE feel free to contact me directly if there is interest in becoming a member or making a donation!  Similarly, if anyone is interested in receiving information about the association or resources in general, they can contact the DDSA directly (905-433-4100) or myself (Sandi) directly - via email or phone (see "All about us" or the "Contact Form" page here on my blog at the top under the "Welcome To Our House" banner).  The DDSA website is which can always be located as a reference in my blog on the right hand side in my reference websites.  Stay tuned, as I will also be working to get the DDSA website updated.


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