My Journal - Week 79 (04Mar11)

SWIMMING.... FEEDING and WORDS - There's always more!

I have written about Hunter's newest enjoyments and milestones which include swimming and self feeding, also the recent past walking (or stepping) and talking.  I had not had the chance to post our recent photos and videos so I am taking a short oportunity to do so before I either forget or it becomes so part of daily routine and therefore not as exciting - for everyone to enjoy!

Just today I had the chance to read an article published in the Durham Parent (a small local news paper) and I nearly landed on the floor laughing so hard while reading it.  The article (written by Karen Principato) is clearly about what every parent (not just us) seems to be doing these days, involving swimming with a baby.  I thought I was reading a story about Hunter, John and myself and our tribulations taking him swimming.  I would have typed the whole article out - IT'S THAT GREAT... but then I thought I would just search it online and link it for you all to have the same pleasure I had in reading it, but their website didn't have it listed for me to link.  So I was left with my last option (and much more time economical way) of taking a high resolution photo of the actual article and post it here for you all to read.  You can click on it and see it larger (or zoom in) to be able to read it better.

Click on image to see it larger
But as promised a "short" note and the photos about Hunter actually swimming.  I think I mentioned how I wanted very badly for Hunter to learn to swim.  (We have two giant ponds of water behind our backyard) With that, I decided to enrol Hunter into swimming lessons but I had originally figured to take him family free swimming first, to ensure he'd be okay with pools rather then just sign him up and come to find out that he didn't like it and had no choice but to endure it while hating it.  I didn't think that he would have any issues with it since I have been acclimating him to "swimming" so to speak by filling up our large bath tub with water and holding him in the positions of front and back crawl so that he could "see/feel" what it would be like to be in those positions in the pool and also kick.  It definitely was a great idea to do that in the order I had because on our first and second visits to the pools in our area (community centres) Hunter loved it and was a natural in the water.  All during my planning and organizing Hunter's swimming, I received an email (ironically) from WagJag (a promotional site for getting discounts on various local businesses) that had swimming lessons on sale though B&C Aquatics (which is run by Bonnie & Christopher Buckler).  This company is a private swimming club that specializes in the instruction of swimming to babies, tots, children, teens and adults.  I jumped at the chance to purchase lessons at 78% off the regular price and also passed the same deal onto two of the mom's in my YMCA Playgroup for Kids with Special Needs.  We had all been discussing getting the boys into swimming lessons (after taking them swimming the first time two weeks ago) and this deal was really too amazing to pass up.  So, after purchasing the swimming lessons we (one of the same mom's from my group) decided to take the boys swimming again (which was last Sunday) just to keep them used to the idea of going and enjoying the water.  Here are a few of the shots (we were able to take this time) of Hunter enjoying the water!

Mommy, I've got both my feet... is that how I do it?

Okay, how about one foot... can I hold one foot?

Oh alright... I will just kick both feet instead of holding them!

Ohhhhh, kicking is better for me!  Much more fun!

See mommy, I listen... kick with my legs and splash with my arms.

Look Mommy!  I'm doing it... I'm swimming... right?!

How come we just keep going round and round???

Maybe once Mommy can let go of me I can go straight instead!!

But for now, I'll just pop my hand in here... since Mommy holds me up!

I wonder how long I can get away with my hand in my mouth....?

Oh, I guess not for long!  Mommy keeps telling me to take my hand out!

Ahhhhh, this is the life!  I love this swimming with my Mommy thing!

I wish I could post all the photos but I know this is more exciting for me (and Hunter) then it is for everyone else!  Anyway, we will be starting the official lessons probably next week but even though I am so excited for Hunter to learn, this centres policy is NO PARENTS in the pool with the student.  All the lessons are officially instructed by the certified and qualified instructors and this will be the first time that I "hand" Hunter off to someone he doesn't know AND also can't see his Mommy.  Honestly, while at first it will likely be distressing for Hunter, it will be MUCH more distressing for me.  I know I will be sitting there making up all kinds of stories in my head of how Hunter will be thinking I left him and I am not coming back.  (Meanwhile I am just on the other side of the one-way mirror lounge for parents).  I will definitely need support to hold me back, while I probably silently (or not so silently) cry (being pregnant), and also stop me from trying to "rescue" my son.  I know logically that it has to happen at some point, where Hunter has to separate from me for lessons, school and life in general - but no matter how much reasoning I do, how logical I am, I know it's impossible to stop my head from conjuring up all the things that we as adults are capable of thinking, for and about our child.  When that comes (next week or so) I need to be stronger then normal.  I also need to realize that if I am sobbing and heaving, the recording I will be doing from the pool viewing window will be rather poor quality!  So for the sake of my readers, I had better try and hold it together!  But if by chance the video is shaky or has sobs in some parts of the sound portion of the recording, you know why and have been forewarned!!

Onto the feeding... I had also promised to try and get a video on the blog of Hunter attempting to self feed.  I didn't quite get a "SELF" feeding video, but an assisted feeding video!  Hope you get a laugh out of those ones.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

A final note, Hunter is now using about 11 words!  It amazes me (again) how when he figures out something, the rest seems to fall into place.  He has been saying, "Momma", "Dadda" (since 6 months), "Bye", "Grandpa" & "Adat" (aka Cat for over four months) "Grandma" & "all done" (more recently - though he had been saying "Umma" for Grandma since more then six months ago) and this past few weeks - "Up", "Stink", "Hi", "Yes", and "OOuice" (aka Juice).  I am sure I have probably forgotten some, but these are the ones he says all the time, consistently and accurately.  I am now trying to sign (sign language) words such as "more", "hungry" and "finished" and I am not sure if it was a fluke, but after we showed him the sign for "more" the first day, later that night he made the exact sign for "more" when I paused the television.  It was unmistakably the same sign, since there was never a time he would move his hands in that fashion and it's quite difficult to think he ironically made the same gesture as the sign for "more".  So, mentally I am in dispute as to whether he copied or actually understood the sign.  He hasn't done it again since though, so I think my speculation might be correct as a copy or Hunter has taken his usual attitude "I did it once, why do I need to do it again??".  And, really - can you blame him?


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