My Journal - Week 58 (28Sep10)

CONGRESS ELIMINATES "R-WORD" - just in time for Hunter...

According to CNN's blog website: .

"And now, it’s a step closer to elimination from the federal government language.
The House of Representatives approved a bill that eliminates the use of the words “retarded” and “retardation” in health, education and labor laws.
The bill changes the terms from “mental retardation” to “intellectual disability” and “mentally retarded individual” to “individual with an intellectual disability.” This shift would make it more consistent with the language already used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United Nations, and the White House." - Writer/Producer

I decided with the onset of Hunter's watching wordy commercials with bright colours and fancy tunes that it was time for us to deploy one of my purchases, "Your Baby Can Read" - a program designed to teach babies to read using words, pictures and sounds.  Using a multi level approach.  The first time I played the starter DVD, Hunter watched the whole thing.  I was completely pleased with the presentation and style of the product.  I have no doubt that the system will work, providing I am able to follow the schedule that the program outlines.  The whole reasoning behind the product makes complete sense.  The important fact is, it's only good if Hunter will watch it and so far he seems to like it.  (We are only on day two though.)

I am posting some photos I took of Hunter watching the DVD today.  I am no doctor or scientist, but it's apparent that Hunter knows exactly what the word "Wave" and "Nose" mean....  I have to take responsibility for those however, I made it a point to teach him those two words over and over in the last few months.  It's no wonder he understood them when they were said on the screen!

This is the new program Mommy bought me to watch!
It's called, "Your Baby Can Read!"
Daddy is holding me and helping me to "read".
After the word they show me what it means! 
I think this is so neat!  I am learning a lot of words from this first DVD.
I think I know this word!  I usually say "Baba" when I see a baby!
And look!  There is a "baba"!  I am so smart!
There is a lot of different words for me to learn.
It even sings my favourite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
Lots of repetition helps my mind to learn!
And lots of pictures of Babies!
Before this, I didn't even know what a "Gorilla" was!
Now I know!
I love "clapping"!
And see?  They showed me a Gorilla clapping and I can do it too, all by myself!
Now the only thing is, I have been waving toward myself (with my left hand) lately!
Mommy & Daddy help me with this one... "Arm's up".
And I have to learn to put my "Arms Down"!
But so long as we can "clap", it's my favourite!
I do such a good job with "Clapping"! 
AND, because Hunter got a hair cut yesterday, (and yes - it was still somewhat of a disaster...) I am posting the outcome.  I did initially think that it was going to go alright since the first two minutes of using the shears Hunter was really good and happy.  It was a false sense of security though, because after those first quiet two minutes, all heck broke loose and the tears and a "scared" Hunter returned.  I managed to finish despite his being so upset and thrashing wildly about.  Thank goodness they are shears and not much can go wrong.... I think he looks very sweet and handsome.  It would also seem that since he has lost about 10 pounds of hair, that he looks like he lost the same in body weight!  Removing all that hair makes his face look so thin now!  Here are some cutie pie photos after the hair cut.

"What do you say about this Mommy?!!"  "I mean, where did my hair go?"
I am not even sure what to say...  But if you think I look good then it's okay.
I am starting to agree.  I think I look like a cool dude.

Ah ha!  Fooled you!  I know I am one handsome looking baby boy!


  1. That is neat. Hunter looks like he is really enjoying the reading program. Well I guess you know what he is getting for Christmas....


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