My Journal - Week 54 (01Sep10) - Evening

"I Have Down syndrome, What Does That Mean?" - The book

Publication update....  

The book is in!  I have had a wonderful response with it and lots of orders for my new book.  I needed to put out a post so everyone knows my book is in stock.  Unfortunately, the promotional pricing is no longer available.  The regular everyday price is not much more at $25.00 CAD each book.  The great news is you can order the book directly from this blog (through the "Sandi's Publications" page) and coming very soon, from my new website:  Right now I am shipping to Canada and the United States.  I will ship outside these areas however I must find out the shipping prices before I do.  If someone from outside of Canada & the USA would like to order my book, pleases send me a direct email and I will work out the shipping costs directly with you.

I will also be selling my book at the Down syndrome Association of Ontario Conference in Niagara Falls.  I have opted to have a booth at the conference.  I will have promotional pricing during the conference since it is a huge event.  If you are attending the conference, you can get your book from me there and I can even autograph it for you if you wish!

I sincerely thank everyone who has ordered, and to those who will. 

And I thought (for memory sake) I would add my very first review of the book:

"I got my book last night!!!!!!!!!  I read it to Vaun already lol.  It's absolutely amazing!  I love that it's simple and straight forward for the little ones to understand." - Penny K.

I am hoping everyone else finds it just as amazing!  Thank you very much Penny!


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