My Journal - Week 57 (19Sep10)

Pain, Parties and Pictures??!

How to start this post.  It has been a long couple of weeks.  I haven't posted much because of a few things.  First, I discovered I had a painful fast growing lump called a Bartholin's cyst.  This is one of the most painful cysts I have ever had, and I would never wish it on my worst enemy.  From the Sunday coming home from Cayuga I had an intense bladder infection to the Monday where I discovered a small pea sized lump.  That was the 6th of September.  By Thursday I was in so much pain and what started as a pea sized lump ended up being larger then a hard boiled egg.  Needless to say, my doctor asked me to come in Friday to see him.  When I arrived (with Hunter and John in tow) my doctor re-examined me and subsequently made one phone call to the on call doctor at the hospital.  Next thing I knew I was shipped off to Scarborough Grace hospital to have the cyst removed surgically.  I did learn that my cyst was abscessed from my original bladder infection caused by routine bacteria called Escherichia coli or E.coli, normal bacteria that lives in everyone's intestinal tract.  Upon arrival at the hospital I was advised that I must have the cyst removed surgically under general anaesthesia.  The procedure is called a Marsupialization.  At around 10 pm, I was wheeled into the Operating Room and subsequently operated on to remove the mass.  About an hour later, I was wide awake - in a lot of pain but joking with the recovery nurse.  22mg of morphine later, (intravenously - where the usual dose is around 5 mg....) I was admitted to my hospital room to learn that I was supposed to remain in the hospital over night.  No can do!  I had a family party that was happening in less then 16 hours!  I spoke with the doctors and was advised that I could be released so long as my vitals were good, and I was not groggy.  (I am never groggy after surgery - for some reason I seem to have very high tolerances to opiates and anesthesia.)  At 3:00 am, John took me home.  A quick stop at McDonalds fixed me right up, since I had no food all day long. 

The party I mentioned that was to take place at 5:00 pm that same Saturday at my house.  The party was for my visiting cousin Richard and his wife Catherine.  They had arrived from England on the Wednesday evening prior.  The party was a big planned event since many of the family had not seen Richard or his wife before.  (Including me!)  Thankfully I got some rest and then I was up and at it.  I have to say, though the party was a huge success, it was definitely not what the doctor ordered.  I never sat down once - knowing that I could not do so comfortably.  Everyone wanted to see Hunter, and Hunter wanted to see everyone else - of course after his initial 10 minutes of acclimating.  The cutest thing I have to mention though is that the one thing that got Hunter acclimated was the arrival of the other babies!  As soon as his cousin Sophia and Alexander arrived, he stopped being teary eyed at seeing strange faces and immediately became his usual happy self.  When I took him over to Alex, he pointed at Alex and said "Baba?".  I was surprised!  I told him, "Yes!  That is a baba, Alex!"  In fact we were all surprised, including Alex's mom and his Nana!  Then I took him over to see Sophia, and he instantly had a conversation with her.  I have never heard him babble in such an affectionate tone toward another baby!  It was like they were off having their own conversation!  I wish I had my camera or video camera right at that moment.  It was amazing.  Now I knew that Hunter understood what a "baba" is, but I had never seen him (other then himself) appropriately use the term.  After seeing and hearing him do this, I now know he understands that it refers to all babies!  Not just himself!  It blows me away!

I took only a few pictures, (obviously not in the best condition to run around and take my many many photos) but a few of my cousins did take several photos of the babies - which I am patiently waiting to see.  In the interim, here are a few I did manage to take.

You want to see me Jump!  I will show you Jumping!
Daddy loves it when I jump for everyone!  I love it too!
You would never know just how much fun jumping could be until you saw me!
There are just no words to describe this!  I am a crazy bouncing growly baby!  Rarrr!
This is my Aunt Merlene and my cousins Dylan and Breanna!  We are having a blast!
I am showing them my pictures in the camera!  They can't believe I can pick myself out!
Mommy told me to kiss Breanna, so I did!  I think I look like a fishy!
As soon as I receive the photos from my cousins, I will definitely post them on the blog.  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and understanding during this crazy few weeks.  So much has been going on, and yet there is so much more to do.


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