My Journal - Week 134 (21Mar12)


I am so far behind in my blog... I wish that sometimes I could just rewind myself.  Oh yes, I can do that here in Blogger!  So, don't pay me any mind - I have dated this post back to the 21st of March in honour of World Down syndrome Day.

21st Chromosome, 3 copies.  21st day of the 3rd Month (March) 2012.  It's officially a Palindrome.  A word or number that can be read both forward and backward.

Check it out - 21312
I must have been bored (causing my brain to need some sort of mathematical work out) a few weeks back when I realized that this year, and only this year would be a Palindrome for World Ds Day and for many things such as the Mayan's Doomsday... 121212 or whatever date they think will be our Armageddon.

Anyhow, on to much nicer things....  Since I have returned to the DDSA, I've been officially sworn in as Vice Chair (Vice President) and things are in motion for a great and busy year.  We have lined up another year of Summer Literacy Program, A Porsche-Abilities Race Day, Swimming at B&C Aquatics at 50% off, A Synchronized Swim Event, our Annual Summer Picnic (with the possibility of it being held in a new location), the Buddy Walk (which may be in conjunction Porsche in years to come)... and on and on this list will go.
My list of TO-DO's will be extraordinarily extensive, with a few notable items such as creating a new main website page, detailing out a brand new Facebook page for the DDSA, working out fundraising and membership and plenty plenty more.

This post will probably be one of my shortest little blurbs that should and could have been extensive, but I will save the extensiveness for next time when I have more time to post many many new photos!

Happy World Down syndrome Day everyone!

Keep in mind, my YMCA (Down syndrome) Play to Learn group is still running every other Tuesday (next date is 3Apr12) so please feel free to drop in or this flyer on to anyone you feel might benefit!

See YMCA notes here:

Calendar here:

And my Downloadable PDF here:

See you all soon!


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