My Journal - Week 121 (12Dec11)

Flashback to the DDSA 2011 Christmas Party

This post is slightly bitter sweet for me.  Firstly, I'd like to say - My family had a fantastic time at the 26th November 2011 Durham Down syndrome Association Christmas Party.  Being the Executive Director and Acting Vice President of the DDSA, I was only minimally involved with the actual Christmas Party Committee (who did a fantastic job of course) but I knew of the details and "going's on" regarding the planning of this wonderful event.  My girlfriend and her husband (however) are the Directors of Events and I must say, did a mighty fantastic job on the finer details that I was not a part of.  At the event itself though, I did decide to bring my Nikon camera and ended up taking several (140) photos of each and every child with Santa as well of course, several of my own children.  What else is the "Mamarazzi" (that's me) to do?  I love photography. 

The second half of this post is the unfortunate bitter part to the sweet.  It is with a heavy heart that I must say "Goodbye" to the DDSA as its Executive director and acting Vice President.  While I have inundated myself with several projects and life in general, there are only so many things I can "pull off" while still keeping two key components (my sanity and family) intact.  The actual work load was never the difficulty for me, (I enjoy things busy and hectic) but there were a few unpleasant circumstances that I had to deal on more than a few occasions, during my short tenure.  In any other "paid" environment - some might just "grin and bear it" but in the world of freely volunteering, I couldn't just stick my head in the sand in ignorance.  Without getting into the nitty gritty details, sufficed to say, I was displeased with a few of the occurrences and being that I am a boisterous and extroverted person at the worst of times, I couldn't hold my tongue.  Sometimes it takes a bigger/braver person to speak up and know when things "just aren't right" and need to be straightened out.  I do not live by the philosophy "ignorance is bliss" (fortunately?) and as such, when there's something "not exactly right", it behooves me to do something about it.  On the flip side to this type of thinking, it can cause unwanted waves if there are those who believe that boats are not meant to be rocked.

Having said all that, I did want to post a few of my favourite 'fun-tastic' photos that I took during the three hours we were there having Fun fun fun!!

(Note:  Hunter has an older girlfriend who affectionately refers to Hunter as "her boyfriend" - her baby brother attends my YMCA Play to Learn Play/support Group).

Who me?

Thank goodness he's holding Hayleigh....

It's just the beginning they said!

Phew!  Santa's making his rounds!

A dance with "my girl"!

No-one else but Franny and Me!

We'll boogie the afternoon away!

Check us out!

Shall we go for a walk?

Yep, just the two of us....

Hayleigh & Santa

Not liking this Santa lap thing

Humm, well I'll tolerate it just to tell him how good I've been.

Mommy has a gift for Santa??

Ahh!  She just wanted to tell Santa what she wanted fro Christmas!


  1. The picture of Hunter dancing with his girl is ADORABLE! :)

    And I think sometimes it is the honesty that people are afraid of, not necessarily the waves that come with... but good for you for knowing your limits.

  2. Best of luck with whatever you do next! Hope you guys had a very merry Christmas.


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