My Journal - Week 120 (09Nov11)

The Things He Says.... (On his own terms, of course)

I know that Hunter's vocabulary is (what I refer to as) "a Shy Vocabulary".  Once we deemed him a "silent learner" it wasn't much of a stretch to guess that he would be the kind of child who wouldn't preform on cue, who would only do things when 'he' was ready, etc. etc. etc.  Well, today was proof of these facts.

I made Hunter a picture book more than a few months ago, with photos of things in our home (common to him) such as, a photo of myself and the rest of the adults in the home, his favourite toys, his favourite foods etc.  While we have several books (with the very same things) it was more personal to Hunter to have a book that Mommy made with "real life Hunter things and examples".  In the beginning, we would sit down with the book, turn the pages and say the items on each page.  Repetition repetition repetition.  I guess, without having a parrot or mocking bird, it was difficult to gauge just how much Hunter was "learning" from me.  Well, the parrot decided to just "speak up" today and tell me ALL the words in his book!!  And if that wasn't shocking enough (for one day) he also - after saying "bib" while pointing to the photo, ran to the couch and promptly picked up his bib and brought it to the picture then gave it to me.  I hardly give this example descriptive justice - he literally pointed to each and every picture, and said the word.  It went something like this:  [pointing to apple] "apple", [turn page - pointing to ball] "ball", [turn page - point to bib] "bib" (run get bib), [turn page - point to shoes (his favourite new word)] "shoes"... he stayed on this one for a while, all the while saying "shoes, shoes, shoes".... then to the best one, (yes it gets better) [pointing to the brush] "brush" and mimicked brushing his hair!!  And so it went, on and on, over and over.

Is wasn't simply a matter of the words, it wasn't a matter of the comprehension, it was the fact that we (his EI Jenn and the whole family) had been trying to figure out how to teach him matching (moving from the vocab stuff for a while after a few months of demonstrating lack of his interest) and yet he very stubbornly and defiantly showed us in no way was he willing to do matching (he threw the cards at Jenn the last time she was here in a very typical two year old kind of way).  So, when on HIS OWN TERMS, he decided to show us this, (as it always happens) it made me laugh and sigh.  This is just the way Hunter is.  Shouldn't I know this by now?

Hunter is getting close to the point (where I believe Girls just differ and do this much earlier based upon gender) of wanting to do the "let me" stage.  He is much happier to try and do things for himself now, where as before (even though all the while capable) he wanted Mommy or Grandma and Daddy to do "it" (various things) for him. 

I am delighted that these progressions are on going, sad that it means he's growing up fast, but satisfied that he's happy and not pressured or feeling as though he's been made to do things that are no longer fun.  It's hard to prove the many things we see on a daily basis to those who need to see him do these things, when they are short lived and he's a genuine camera ham.  Do I dare whip out the video camera or digital SLR?  Nope, my son is my son and knows full well that his mother is the official Mammarazzi.  With that said, it's hard to get natural stills of my boy - he's a glamour child who lives for the camera.  Did you know he's got the word "Cheese" down pat??  I wonder why.....  I don't even say a word when I begin to take a photo, Hunter just pipes up automatically, "Cheese" when I snap a photo.  How sadly and delightfully appropriate all at the same time. 

Anyway, much goes on with him daily and it's hard to just squeeze it all into one post, but these are the main things as of late and I thought to include a few photos (of both kids) from recent days.

Just for the record - It would appear that Son's do look like their Daddy's....

I will brush my own teeth, okay Daddy?

Let me try this "Prunes and Oats" thing...
Ohhhhhh!  Taaarrrrttttt!
Oh ya.... TART.  (Note: Hayleigh did this after each & every bite)

My little girl sitting up by herself....
Having fun seeing what sitting up can do..
And just for fun (each time) throwing herself backward and laughing!

Sitting with Santa and the Durham Down syndrome Assoc. Christmas Party

A fun moment playing in her bassinet
And then caught on film "looking"!!

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