My Journal - Week 114 (29Oct11)


I spent some time these past few weeks taking photos of the kids - some of just Hayleigh (professional shots like the ones I PAID to have done for Hunter back in 2009) and some of them together, not professional style.  I had originally wanted to do the "brother, sister" shots as professional shots, but Hayleigh stopped co-operating after about 20 minuets of her own shots!

Never the less, here are some new photos of the kids.  (The first set are just taken with my iPhone).  It's not what you take them with, it's how you take them.

I love my Sister... does she love me?

I'll just give her a kiss, see if she likes it!

Hey!  Looks like it worked, she likes it!

Now we are both very happy kids Mommy!

Aww, I am such a good big brother, Hayleigh wants more kisses!

Looks like she's just going to come give them to me now!

You are such a good baby!  I do love you too!

 Here are Mommy's very own personal PRO Shots of Miss Hayleigh.  Hummm, maybe I should get into taking photos of babies... wouldn't hurt!  And it's very lucrative!  Have you any idea how much they charge for a photo session and their packages?!  Every new parent gets hit up with that charge and not many parents would say no... when it's their first baby!  Tell me what you think of my photo taking... keep in mind - I did it in less than 20 minutes.  

Like this Mommy?  Is this how I pose?

Hummm, Mommy says this is my pink bear....

What is this basket thing?  At least I have my bear!

I'm so cute...

My blankie tastes good!

Ohhh!  Don't eat the blankie!

Aren't I pretty?!

So much fun!
Now that's more like it!

I got you now Pink Bear!

Uhh, Bear?  Where are you going?!

My Bear is so nice!

Check me out in the basket again!

My casual shot after the shoot is all done!
And just for fun, two of the professional shots that were taken of Hunter when he was just 8 weeks old!
Hunter:  Me and my rubber duckies!

Hunter:  Me and my First Teddy Bear!

And how weird is it that Hunter had (and still has) more hair than Hayleigh, when it specifically says, babies with Ds have less hair than typical babies and much more sparse hair in general.  I guess someone forgot to tell Hunter this.... He had a full head of hair when he was born - so long it was touching the back of his neck when came into the world.  Hayleigh is still missing her hair to this day... we are hoping for a growth spurt for her hair since the rest of her doesn't seem to have that problem!!!
Oh and just for the record, Hayleigh beat Hunter with her teeth.  She has two teeth already which came out at less than 4 months of age.  Hunter wasn't that far off mind you, his first one did pop up/out 3 or 4 times at four months (called a floating tooth) but didn't come in permanently until he was about 6 months old.  I think it maybe time to stop breastfeeding Hayleigh too, as she has no qualms about biting me... AND LAUGHING at me after I yelp when she does it!

I would love your honest answers to my question; Would you use me to take photos of your children?


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