My Journal - Week 98 (12Jul11)

After the storm, Comes the calm.... Right?!

A week after the massive meltdown, Hunter seems to have turned over his new leaf.  I really believe that Hunter needed to get his "tantrum" out.  It gave him the cleansing that he needed.  It also gave him some Mommy & Daddy understanding to how affected he had been by this new addition.  I am happy to report that life has been much better and while we still have "hicups" here and there, (a few minor growls but nothing more than that) Hunter has become quite the loving big brother that we had hoped he would want to be.
While I am still quite observant of Hunter's actions with his sister, for example - he has no idea of his own strengths, he's happy to be around his sister.  He's concerned when she cries - displaying a face of questioning such as, "Mommy, are you going to fix her?" or calling "Mommy??" when she starts to cry.  But, on observation (which Hunter does very well) he has lovingly tried to help me on many occasions to burp his sister, by patting her back (sometimes a bit hard...) but rubbing and patting nonetheless.  A video I will have to shoot for you all to see.  There has been no more swatting of his sister, and no more attempts to chomp on her, much less myself or Daddy.  Perhaps this is due to the fact (also) that he has three teeth that have come in all at the same time, and only one molar left of all his baby teeth.  Hunter now lovingly strokes his sister's baby soft hair, and gazes into her eyes (when open...) with a chuckle of a response just for her.

This new leaf and acceptance definitely has lessened my stress, since worrying about Hunter's feelings had made me very weary and worried.  It's not that I don't expect blips to happen along the way, or new pangs of jealousy as time goes on - but I am happy that there is an effort and a calm these days.

One place that it was noticed that Hunter was having difficulties or was quote unquote, "more grouchy" was his last swimming lesson.  His instructor Bonnie did happen to comment that she noticed that Hunter was unusually grouchy during his lesson... which was not only affected by his lack of a nap that day, but my forgetfulness to tell her that he now has a new sister!  After the explanation, she fully understood.  We anticipate a better outcome this Friday.  And as I have promised, at some point I will get the lessons on.

So, it has been said that miss Hayleigh is a tiny representation or little version of myself.  Affectionately now known as, Sandi 2.0 or Mini-me!  Where Hunter was born with blond hair and blue eyes, Hayleigh seemily was born with dark brown hair and dark eyes with some odd concoction of blue/grey/brown and green in them?!!  As the weeks go by, her eye colour is definitely starting to lighten up.  One interesting thing I recently noticed is that when I take photos of her, (and her eyes are open) I get red-eye for her.  I had leared quite a while back that people who produce red-eye are those who have lighter pigmented irises.  Those who have dark brown eyes do not experience this phenomena.  It has to do with they layer that covers the lens and also the colour of the iris.  So, I guess in conjunction with time (as it goes on) and what I am observing in her eyes, she will liekly have lighter coloured eyes.  Maybe not so 2.0 after all?!!  And with the fact that she was born with her eyebrows a blondish/reddish colour... while her hair on her head is dark - the question will remain.  So, I guess it will be a while before we learn exactly what her hair and eye colour will be.

I thought it would be prudent for me to post some newer photos (thus also proving wrong to those who said I would probably not take as many photos of my second born...) of the children.  Funny, I am not getting much sleep (since Hayleigh is a night owl...) but I manage to get rest here and there.  Thankfully I have my family to help.  There are many days where they can't though, and it's often trying to have young ones close in age but I know it's worth it.

Canada Day Fireworks - I am showing everyone how I shave, just like Daddy!

A wonderful blanket-bear gift for Hayleigh from friend Haedyn!

I am eating Mommy's left over pepperoni's that she doesn't like!

I'm staring at my Mommy... and she's staring at me!

Daddy's got us both... and we are sound asleep.  Daddy's not too far off either!

Hunter: I am now loving my sister.  She's not that bad!!

Hayleigh:  I'm trying to give Mommy a smile but Mommy cut off some of my face!

Hayleigh: Ahh, this is the life!  Lying here in Mommy's lap!

Hunter:  The front porch is so much fun in summer!!  Wanna play?!

Hunter:  Mommy says I am being such a good boy!!  It's because I am happy!

A Father/Daughter moment.  A kiss for both Daddy & Daughter.

So, next post I should probably upload some videos!!  Hang in there... I will get there.  Some day....


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