My Journal - Week 101 (31Jul11)


I am beginning to think we will be making Cayuga (Toronto Motor Sports) a yearly event since it is one of Daddy's passions which suddenly my children have inherited!  I love watching cars go fast, but believe you me - I have had a much different opinion of car racing over the last 14 years of policing.  I guess I am just used to being in another vehicle going just as fast, only I am chasing them down instead!

This time around, Hunter wasn't as cheerful to sit tight and watch the event.  He would have rather (had he been allowed) to roam freely at the bottom of the stands, run up and down and stop every so often to cheer wildly at a pair of cars racing down the 1/4 mile track.  Hayleigh on the other hand, took over the quiet child routine, sleeping through every single race!

We had a great time - even though this year the tickets were not free (as last year John won them).  This year was TV shows "Pinks All Out" iconic host, Rich Christensen's last year doing "Arm Drop" racing and so for Daddy (and a few Hundred other people present there), this was a milestone event. 

It took us a crazy 4 hours to get to Cayuga on a Saturday afternoon and a silly 55 minutes to get home Sunday.  There was a fatality on the Burlington Bridge however, hindering our timely arrival to the race event.  Either way, we arrived and had a fantastic time watching the races.  We then made our way into Hamilton to the Sharaton Hotel and room (which was also wonderfully large), relaxed with dinner and fell soundly asleep... EXCEPT for miss Hayleigh (who's internal clock is all wrong) who kept me up all night (not crying) to be fed and entertained.  Oh well.

Enjoy the photos - we certainly had a super time.

Daddy... I think I remember this place!  It looks familiar....

Wait, Wait a minute... I know!  It's the car racing place... Right??!

Yay!  I was right!  Car racing!!  We got here during intermission after Qualifying!

Here we are at intermission!  A family photo at Cayuga!

Just behind the grandstand, a field for me to play in during intermission!

Mommy and I are in the sun, covered in sunblock & waiting for intermission to end!

Ohhhh a doggy!  What a nice Sheppard!  Hey Doggy - do you like the races too?!

A beautifully restored vehicle just raced and lost in Qualifying round #3.

Believe it or not, here is your 2011 Arm Drop winner... a GSXR1300 (Suzuki, like my old bike)

My little sister Hayleigh is sound asleep... even with all the noise!

What a beautiful car.  Just like Eleanor, this is "HELEANOR"!!  ALL done up.

It was so warm out, Daddy got me an ice-cream cone!  Yummy!

Another family photo at Cayuga's 2011 Arm Drop Racing Live.

I loved watching the races today!

This is our Hotel Room, mommy even got a crib for me.  Humm, I'm not too sure about it...

A great end to a great day!  Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy!!
Yes, our weekend get away was for our wedding anniversary.  Though it was actually on the Monday past (25th July), it was a great reason to get the family away for the weekend and enjoy a bit of racing too!


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