My Journal - Week 87 (25Apr11)

Did the Easter Bunny visit you??

We had a fantastic weekend, and I do believe Hunter now knows the meaning of Easter... in the kiddy way of course!  We decided to get Hunter a Bunny after all - yes a real live BUNNY rabbit.  This is Hunter's first pet of his own, even though Mommy & Daddy have to care for her while Hunter is little.  Here are a few photos of Hunter's Bunny... who to this day still has no name other than Bun-Bun....  She's only 12 weeks old and is a Holland Lop rabbit.  It seems that she will get to be a whopping 10 pounds when full grown (in about 3 more months) and she's a grey/brown colour.  Great kind of bunny that is perfect for younger children.

Introducing the newest member of our pet family!

Such a curious little bunny!

But ever so loving and cute!

Daddy getting down to my level to play!

Meeting the kitty cats... and nope I'm not afraid!

A little bit of hide and seek with Twiggy?!

And loving to rest in Mommy's lap of course!

Also, we had a wonderful Easter (turkey) dinner at my cousins home, and it was scrumptious!  Hunter has definitely come out of his shell, back to being the cutie boy that he is.  Walking around causing mischief everywhere and at every turn he made.  Hunter's latest mischief is opening drawers, cupboards and doors of all kinds.  We have had to purchase latches and other additional safety devices in order to save precious little fingers!

Sunday was a restful day but since it was so beautiful out, we decided to take Hunter for a walk, (well - Hunter had a first class ride...) to get fresh air.  Mommy wasn't able to go very fast or far but Hunter didn't seem to mind one little bit.  When Mommy's back started to give out, we retreated back to the house where we decided to put Hunter's last year birthday gift to some use, and swing swing away!

This is my new ride!  Daddy loves to push me around in it!

I know it's a bit of work for Daddy but I really enjoy the ride!

Can we go now Daddy?  I don't want to sit still any more!
I still love my swing!!  SO much fun!

I wish I could go higher and higher!  Just wait!

I love that my Daddy wants to play with me!

And Mommy helps too!

I just love my Mommy so much!

And it seems Mommy loves me that much too!

One last swing as the sun goes down!

And I get to slide down too, before going inside!

And last but not least, here are the next usual three videos of Hunter's swimming lesson (which was last Thursday) - lesson number four!

Hunter's 4th Swimming Lesson - Part 1

Just another day in the pool! While it is obvious that Hunter is a lot more relaxed with the whole swimming environment as well as his instructor Bonnie and Pool Deck Supervisors, what isn't as obvious is his demeanour. If you watch closely, you will notice it doesn't take more than a few seconds for Hunter to trust Bonnie and also lay back in the water to "float". You can clearly see it looks like he's sunbathing in the water with his arms back above his head!

Part 2

More and more fun for Hunter in the water! He really enjoys each progression and loves to splash while with Bonnie. Hopefully everyone can see the little advances that are being made.

Part 3

This time around I caught the last bit of his lesson before running off to the change room to get Hunter back. You will notice how Bonnie has him stand up at the edge of the pool, and gets him to enter the water from a standing position. Something else I have noticed while watching his videos is that she has been provoking Hunter to "jump" into the pool even when he's seated at the edge, by coaxing him with her hands behind his back. I noticed each time she does this, she tries a few times to see if he will come in to her but knowing at this stage he wont, she follows up by bringing him into the water herself shortly after. To me (and I am presuming only) this is the way you entice muscle behaviour and repetition for him to realize that this is the action she wants him to do, and has him do it with her help each time. I am guessing eventually we will get to see Hunter access the water on his own into Bonnie's arms.


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