My Journal - Week 77 (06Feb11)

Tiny Taekwon-do Tot!!!

The interests are now surfacing.... 

After taking and then teaching the martial art of TaeKwonDo for several years, and also becoming a 2nd degree black-belt many assumed that I would not only be teaching the art to my future children but that since it was such an enormous part of my life and obviously ran so deeply in my blood - those same future children would likely come out already practising kicks, punches & blocks.  I guess some could have said they would be "genetically engineered" to know the art!  I even had one friend tease me during my entire pregnancy with Hunter saying, "I bet you will have Hunter doing TaeKwonDo before he even walks...."  I guess it wasn't far from the truth - in all aspects.  I have never taught Hunter a single TaeKwonDo move, yet these past few weeks Hunter has proven the art is definitely running in his veins.  I am certain my Master Instructors Mst. Porter and Mst. Jong Park would be proud!  I definitely am, as is Daddy!  Now, whether or not the moves themselves are correct (which for now is beside the point) the mere fact that Hunter is showing an interest and thinks it is so much fun, proves to me that I should cultivate it and see where it goes.

As a side note, another interest that seems to have surfaced besides the inner "Karate Kid" is Hunter's passion for music.  This really isn't anything new but last week and again today Hunter has decided and shown he loves to play my piano.  He sat with me and played for over 1/2 an hour.  For me, playing the piano through the Royal Conservatory was a skill that both my own Mother as well as myself, wanted me to do.  I personally love playing any instrument with Piano being my primary instrument.  I believe wholeheartedly that learning and playing music enhances education and general skills.  Once you can read music, any instrument will do.  Only problem for me was, I loved and preferred to play by ear.

With these new interests peeking, and noticing Hunter's preference to martial-ly maim his Father, I busted out the camcorder to video it in all its hilarity!  Not only was it a humorous spectacle, but it was definitely high on my cute and cool list!  Take a watch!

Part One...

Part Two... (The best part is when he stops and literally shows he's asking... "So or Well???!!")

Part Three...


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