My Journal - Week 71 (01Jan11)


Even though I am not posting a whole lot for this specific post (I will do a seperate post on my reflections on the year) I wanted to share some photos that were taken for New Years of Hunter.

I had made the mistake of waking Hunter early in the morning of New Years eve, because I had a doctors appointment that morning and needed my mother to watch him for that time.  In hind sight, I should have left him to sleep longer so that he wouldn't have been so crabby come midnight.  He fell asleep at around 9:30pm which I was completely fine with but I realized that he would likely be woken up with our little family get together (of our usual cousin collective who we spend most of our holidays with) cheering in the New Year.  At 11:30pm Hunter woke up on his own, but certainly wasn't too happy about it.  I would later learn why he was in such a bad mood, miserable and crabby which is just not in his character - no matter what time of day he wakes up.  But this time around he was unusually very tearful and sad.  So getting a great New Years photo was quite the challenge, as you will see by what I post below.  (It turned out that he was in the beginnings of a terrible chest cold and was probably feeling so horrible and unknowingly to us since he was not yet showing obvious cold symptoms.)

Even though we had a crazy and short ring in of the New Year (my silly PVR satalite recorder switched the station we were watching exactly 1 minute before the 10 second countdown, due to an unscheduled show that was to record at 12:00 am on the 1st Jan) and though we missed the usual perfect chime in of the New Year, we managed to cheer it in none the less.  After the crazy photo session we all returned to what we were doing moments before (which was playing our family card games) without skipping a beat.  Thanks to a joint effort we managed to get one "mostly" nice family photo for the New Year!

Just testing out the camera only 7 minutes before New Years
Just for fun, a photo of the "Count Down Clock" on TV
I may be looking happy here, but I just woke up 20 minutes ago...
My Mommy always wants kisses... but since I love her I will comply.
Hugging is fun too.  Mommy loves to hug me.
My Uncle Oli likes to give me money!  I was reluctant but Mommy said I could take it.
Exactly 1 minute after midnight & I am not a happy camper.  What's so special about New Years?
Honestly, no one gets why I am so upset!  I don't care about New Years... I don't feel well!
Mommy is trying to explain that I should smile, but I really don't feel well....
Okay, just one photo.  I will give it my best, but I still don't feel well.  A 1/2 smile will have to do.
I think my mommy is making fun of me.  She's pouting now too but I don't think it's funny.
Yep, taking those photos were like pulling teeth.  But I have to say, we had no idea that Hunter was feeling so yucky until the next few days after when the mucousy coughing started.  Then it all made perfect sense.  Poor Hunter.  But he did put on a brave somewhat smiley face for us, for at least one or two photos.  What a way to ring in the new year.  His first cold of the year, and technically his first bad cough cold ever.

And just for fun (since I am posting photos...) I had forgotten to post a picture of something that we caught Hunter doing a few days ago....  Literally moments before I took the photo, I had just noticed that Hunter took off his pants all by himself.  (The funny thing was all day long, the pants were constantly falling down past his butt because the waist was too big).  So I guess Hunter got tired of his pants giving him the plumber bum look and with that, he took them off!  The funny thing was, when I noticed that he had taken them off, I asked him to show Mommy what he had done with his pants, and like the compliant boy (and smarty pants) that he is, he did just that, he showed me!
If these silly pants can't stay up, off they come!  Is this what you wanted to see Mommy??!

I also decided that since I haven't posted any of my newest ultrasound photos, I would post a picture of my all too fast growing belly.  I can't quite believe how quickly my belly is popping out and showing!  While I realize that after a first pregnancy, your body knows just what to do... I had no idea it would be this fast!  I hope I don't get much larger... but I don't think that wish is going to be granted!  Time is flying by as my first trimester is long done.  I have my scheduled Amniocentesis on Thursday the 6th of January (I have always been the type of person who likes to know before hand exactly what is in store for us) so just like with Hunter, we had no idea what to expect since all our prenatal tests so far have been "normal".  Given the maternal odds of 1:100 due to a prior Ds pregnancy we decided that having another Amniocentesis made perfect sense.  Without a previous Ds pregnancy my risk for Ds would have been 1:225.  But either way, I know that odds and risks don't mean much of anything because Non-Disjunction Ds (Trisomy 21) ~95% of the time is random.

At only 15 weeks pregnant... !
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's eve and day.  There is a lot in store for us this year and while our lives became full of fun and joy in 2009, this year will be "double the trouble" and fun!  Keep safe for the rest of the holiday week and enjoy.  


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