My Journal - Week 70 (24Dec10)

Merry Christmas EVE!!

I just wanted to take the time to wish all my friends and family a very special wish for the holidays!  Being from a very multicultural family, saying "Merry Christmas" is not enough to cover it all or every holiday that is celebrated out there, so I wish to say "Happy Holidays" to each and everyone of my personal friends and family and also to my newest friends and family out there in our wonderful Ds and online community!

While it is "just" Christmas Eve that I am posting about right now, I will be posting my longer actual Christmas time post tomorrow which is Christmas Day.  We will be spending Christmas morning at home opening our presents and having our traditional Christmas family breakfast.  While last year it was Hunter's very first Christmas he was only 4 months old and with that in mind this year seems that it will be more special for him.  I think as every child ages, each year (during the childhood years) Christmas or any holiday becomes more and more special with more anticipation and surprise.  And as it will be more exciting for Hunter this year, so to will it be for John, myself and my parents just to watch Hunter with his excitement!  Later Christmas day, we will be making our way over to my cousins home to have a large family Christmas Dinner.  With that in mind, I will likely have many wonderful pictures to post!

So, stay tuned for some holiday fun!

From my family to yours, please have a safe, happy and prosperous holiday season!


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